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23 May

Additional Implant Fees to Be Aware Of


Avoid Hidden Dental Implant Costs

When researching dental implants online, you’ll likely only be looking up the cost of your treatment, but in many cases, these won’t be the only costs you’ll incur.

Your most likely extra cost

Many missing teeth patients have lived with gaps in their smile for years or opted for cheaper treatments like dental bridges or dentures, so they will likely have insufficient bone density. This means that you won’t have enough bone left in your jaw to successfully hold dental implants or prevent them from wobbling out of place.

So, if you want dental implants but have a broken bone, you’ll likely need a bone graft or bone regeneration treatment, which typically costs £950.

Some types of dental implants can avoid additional procedures like bone grafts. For example, patients with a full mouth of missing teeth can opt for revolutionary procedures like All-on-Four, which can replace up to 14 teeth using only four implants. This type of treatment costs from £16,000 per jaw.

If there’s not enough space for a graft, then you’ll need a sinus lift too

In some cases where patients do not have enough bone, sometimes they also do not have enough space for us to pack the new bone into. This means that patients will have to undergo a second pre-prosthetic procedure called a sinus lift, which will make room in the upper jaw for new bone to be placed. Sinus lifts typically cost from £1,950.

single implant finance

You might need a tooth extraction

If we need to replace a tooth to place an implant or to replace a full arch of missing teeth, a tooth extraction will be an additional cost. Tooth extractions at the clinic are typically charged £300, but if you need a surgical extraction, this can be more expensive (from £450).

You might pay more if you’re a nervous patient

If the thought of dental implant placement is scary to you, and you’re a nervous patient with a history of being afraid of the dentist, then you might want to opt for dental sedation, which is charged by the hour. Dental sedation, for example, will cost from £500 per hour, and you can expect it to take around one hour to place one implant.

iv sedation

You’ll always need a paid-for consultation, eventually

Many dental implant practices, like ours, offer free consultations with treatment coordinators. These consultations are designed for patients still exploring implants as a treatment and want to know what their costs will be, which kind they’ll need, and how long treatment will likely take.

Your paid-for consultations are with your implant dentist, who will provide a check-up to assess your suitability for treatment. This paid-for appointment will include your necessary scans and treatment plan, so it’s best for patients serious about treatment. Dental implant consultations with a dentist cost £115.

In some instances, your essential scans, like with a CBCT scanner, are charged extra (on top of your consultation fee) and might cost you upwards of £175. So make sure when looking for a dental practice to see what’s included with their consultation and what’s not. At our practice in London, your consultation is inclusive.

Total cost of dental implants – real costs you can likely expect:

The minimum cost you can expect to pay for dental implants is £2,500 for the implant and surgery and £115 for your consultation. The most you should budget for is detailed below: