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22 Oct

The five dental implant steps

Dental implants are metal structures, usually titanium. They are surgically positioned in the maxillary bone below the gum, to replace dental roots. Once placed, allow the dentist to mount substitute teeth on them. But like every dental treatment, we’ve got some important dental implant steps for making them last many years in a safe way.

Dental Implant Steps

We’ve set out five important steps to follow when having a dental implant. They will help you keep your implant safe, clean and up to date with maintenance and care.

Stage 1: Assessment and planning

Your first appointment will be to discuss your treatment and often involves taking x-rays and photographs. We will explain which methods are available to replace the missing teeth and we will discuss with you which one is most suitable.

During the initial patient consultation we will set out a specific treatment plan. To best suit your individual case and answer any questions you might have.

 Stage 2: Implant placement

A relatively simple minor surgical procedure is performed under sterile conditions in the dental surgery under local anaesthesia. And, if indicated, supplemented by conscious sedation.

 Stage 3: Integration period

Although some implants can be loaded into function immediately. Or soon after surgery, it is often suggested that a period of three months or more be allowed for the implant to fully integrate before placing the tooth restoration on top of the implant.

 Stage 4: The restorative phase

 Once integrated, the implants may need to be uncovered and can be brought into function with a variety of restorations, ranging from a single crown, small or large bridge, or, if preferred, a removable overdenture clipped to the implants.

Stage 5: Maintenance

Following the completion of implant treatment, patients need to clean thoroughly around the implants, as instructed by the Oral Hygienist.

Consultations with the dentist for regular review are necessary to maintain the health of the gums, bones, and the quality of the installed prostheses.



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