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23 May

Dental Implants After Tooth Extraction – Is it Possible?


Placing Implants Following A Tooth Being Pulled

Have you been told your tooth needs to be removed? Will the gap be in a visible area of your smile? Are you concerned about the aesthetics of a missing tooth or how a lost tooth will impact your oral health and bone condition? Are you wondering if you can place a dental implant simultaneously with or after a tooth extraction?

It’s possible to place straight away

As complex implant dentists in London, you can rely on the fact that we can place dental implants in various complicated situations. So, placing a dental implant after a tooth extraction is often a walk in the park.

In most cases, a dental implant can be placed during extraction. To make this possible, patients must have healthy gums and teeth and sufficient jawbone density, which is non-negotiable to ensure successful long-term stability.

Once we remove your tooth, we will immediately insert the titanium screw into your jaw; then, you’ll have to wait a minimum of three months before we can place the abutment and dental crown. This ensures a period of osseointegration occurs successfully, where the dental implant post-fuses with the jawbone to act as a reliable tooth root and foundation for your fake tooth.

When a dental implant can’t be placed immediately

You likely need a tooth extraction due to an infection or extensive tooth decay, which has caused the tooth to die. In similar situations, you’ll typically have to wait 10 weeks to 3 months before having a dental implant placed. This ensures the mouth has enough time to heal after the extraction surgery to avoid complications or infection of your implant (peri-implantitis), which can have serious consequences.

missing tooth

Placing a dental implant years after tooth extraction

It’s recommended not to ignore missing teeth, as not treating gaps in the mouth can cause the bone in the jaw to deplete and the remaining teeth to shift out of place. Now, as you won’t notice the effects of this likely for many years to come if you wish to have implants placed, it will hurt your chances if the bone has broken down.

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots, so if there is insufficient bone to anchor to, they will rock, wobble, and likely fail without enough bone density surrounding them.

Therefore, if you don’t have enough bone, your treatment will be prolonged and delayed as we’ll likely have to carry out a bone graft procedure to restore bone in this area and wait several months for it to heal before we can consider placing the implant. If you have a prosthetic like a dental bridge or denture, please know that these do nothing to protect the bone in your jaw, and you’ll likely experience bone loss even though you wear some type of prosthetic.

Cost of our treatments:

We won’t know what’s possible without taking a look

Dr Pedro Gutierres is a leading implant dentist in London and can often make impossible dentistry possible. That said, he will always provide honest feedback on the best route to replace your missing tooth, whether we can speed up the process or wait for the environment to be perfect. We won’t know what’s possible without taking a look, so if you need a second opinion, we offer special appointments for this season.

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