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12 May

A letter to our patients – The importance of oral hygiene


Dear Patients,

I trust you are well and, most importantly, are looking after yourselves in the current situation we are all facing.

Recently I spoke over the phone to one of our patients and that?s what inspired me to write to you.

This patient shared that she started writing down the good things that happened to her during the COVID-19 situation. Going to the dentist is on her list, as she had not been to the dentist for a very long time and decided to see one just before the restrictions to treating patients in the dental setting were in place.

During our conversation yesterday, she also shared how more dedicated she has been to her tooth brushing. Not only that, but she even taught her cousin over the phone how to brush her teeth!

I love writing and am taking the lockdown opportunity to do it more regularly. I am putting this inspiration into action by sharing my words with you.

The message from this first series of blogs is to say hi first. As you all know, we are treating remotely via telephone following the recommendations for dental practices. If there is anything you want to discuss or are concerned about, call us, and we will support you. Please also share our contact details with any member of your family, friends, or colleagues who may need any advice during this period. We will be delighted to support them, too.

Secondly, it aims to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene. On a slight digression, another thing I have been doing during the? Lockdown? The period is doing courses online. Yes, we love studying. You can call us nerds. One of these courses was biofilm, the build-up of microorganisms that stick to surfaces. The dental plaque is a biofilm. The course was not focused on teeth per se but was about the impact of the biofilm on many diseases. I was inspired to speak more about the importance of simple oral hygiene in our overall health.

And lastly, is this message an invitation to take the lockdown? Opportunity to look after your teeth and gums, to dedicate time to brush your teeth twice a day and to use or start using any interdental aid, such as dental floss or interdental brushes. 

Next week, I will share tips for making oral hygiene – this crucially important yet simple activity FUN!

With warmest wishes,

Priscila Souza

Maida Smiles Team