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05 May

Remote dental consultation, opportunities of “new normal”


As we come to the end of the sixth week in lockdown, are we getting used to this new, remote way of life?

Searching shopping aisles for eggs to put in your heavily disinfected trolley while donning PPE seems to be the new norm—a strange thought when a psychological evaluation would have been in order only six weeks ago. Who would have thought the time would come for us to be queuing outside pharmacies adjacent to deserted McDonald´s drive-throughs? St John’s Wood and Maida Vale streets and shops look deserted…

My interest in teeth began with my frequent visits to the dentist as a child; I was adamant that I could crunch my way through bags of sour sweets without developing cavities. This was, of course, terribly incorrect, as I found out four fillings later. I carried out work experience at the very same dental practice and eventually moved out of my hometown in London to Sheffield to achieve my BDS.

After working for a few years in an NHS and Private practice, I now live in Northampton, but regularly visit London for work and to see family and friends. I practice all aspects of dentistry because I enjoy offering a holistic service, from restorative and cosmetic orthodontic work to oral surgery and endodontics.

Without a doubt, social distancing has been the hardest aspect for many of us during this pandemic. 

For those of you who, like me, are missing these invaluable life pleasures, try not to forget the opportunities that come with this sudden abundance of free time. The time can be spent learning new skills, catching up with old friends, and, most importantly – brushing your teeth! Being late for work is no longer an excuse for forgetting to floss or to brush for at least two minutes, morning and night. If you were ever thinking about improving your smile, check out some cases we have treated

It is a great time to chat with one of our dentists about your dream smile. We are offering free, one-to-one virtual consultations, where we can discuss the steps involved in your personal treatment plan, from simple procedures such as cosmetic whitening to a full smile makeover, so that we can quick-start your smile journey.

We at Maida Smiles wish you all well in these challenging times and hope to meet you soon.