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24 Aug

Sinus Lift Surgery for Teeth Implants

                            Procedure, Costs, Recovery and More

Sinus lifts, making implants possible.

Did you recently find out that you would be suitable for dental implants? Is the term sinus lift popping up all over the internet?

This blog will aim to answer all your questions about sinus lift surgery, including the procedure, its costs, recovery time, and more.

The Procedure

A sinus augmentation is a procedure that adds bone to the upper jaw, where your molars are. Your sinuses are the empty spaces in your skull.

Most go by the ‘maxillary sinuses’ and are inside your cheekbones.

The space between your sinuses and jaw has a thin membrane lining. The sinus membrane must be ‘lifted’ to allow room for the added bone.

A sinus lift is generally one of the most common bone grafting procedures carried out by our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Gutierres.

Why is a sinus lift necessary?

For an oral surgeon to attach your dental implants, your upper jaw must have a substantial bone to support them.

As the back of your upper jaw usually has less bone than your lower jaw, your dentist has to move up the membrane and fill the left space with additional bone grafts to support your future implants.

Additionally, if you have been missing teeth in this area for some time, your bone may have been absorbed back into your body, resulting in further bone loss, making it impossible to attach your implants.

Another reason you may need a sinus lift is because your maxillary sinus lies too close to your upper jaw.

The size and shape of the sinus vary from person to person. Dr Pedro Gutierres will discuss this and much more during your initial consultation.

Before and during your surgery

Before we know whether you are a candidate for a sinus lift surgery, Dr Pedro Gutierres will need to assess the amount of existing bone and sinus health through a CT scan.

Your consultation with Dr Pedro Gutierres would have put you at ease, and you will be given a choice to conduct the surgery under a local or a general anaesthetic.

The procedure begins with Dr Pedro Gutierres gently exposing the jawbone at the back of your mouth, cutting a small incision in the bone, and lifting up the sinus membrane lining.

The space underneath is packed with bone graft material, and the cut is stitched once inserted.

In some cases, if enough stable bone is available, dental implants can be attached on the same day.

However, in most cases, the bone needs time to heal and integrate into your jaw before dental implants can be attached.


The price of a Sinus Lift Surgery at Maida Smiles Clinic starts from £1250. During your initial consultation with Dr Pedro Gutierres, you will receive a full breakdown of each surgery step and any additional costs associated with it.

We understand that although dental implants may be the best solution, they are also a big investment.

That is why we offer 12-month interest-free financing plans for all patients on their smile journey.

Recovery from your surgery

There may be a little discomfort after sinus lift surgery, and some patients experience small swelling.

However, there are a few factors which we would like our patients to consider when leaving our office. Blowing your nose should be avoided for a few days post-op, as it may dislodge your stitches.

Dr Pedro Gutierres will prescribe medication for any pain, an antibiotic, and mouthwash to prevent infection.

It is recommended that patients follow a soft food diet to avoid the surgical area when chewing.

You should avoid sticky, hard (such as ice cubes, nuts, popcorn, chips), brittle, spicy, highly seasoned, or acidic foods in your diet.

After a week, Dr. Gutierres will examine the sinus lift results to ensure that they are healing well.

Depending on the amount of grafted material inserted into your jaw, it will take four to nine months for the bone graft to integrate with your bone, and you will be right back on your journey to getting the perfect smile you’ve always dreamt of.

Any additional questions? Please do not hesitate to call us on 020 3974 1777 or email us at info@maidasmiles.co.uk today!

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