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30 Oct

Top Tips for Protecting Your Kids’ Teeth on Halloween


Halloween is a fun time of year for all the family. Kids especially love traditions like trick-or-treating, when they can collect sweet treats from the neighbours. You mustn’t spoil the occasion by worrying too much about how sweets can affect your kids’ teeth. However, you can still help protect their teeth while allowing them to enjoy the traditions of Halloween. Here are some useful tips to help you to do this.

Provide smaller buckets or bags.

Kids love to continue trick-or-treating until their bags or buckets are full. It makes sense to choose smaller containers so they don’t have the chance to collect a truckload of sweets.

Keep control of the sweet treats.

Some kids are sensible about the amount of sweets that they eat. However, if your kids cannot regulate their sweet eating, it’s up to you to take control. Allow your kids to eat some of the sweets they collect immediately, then store the rest for eating at a later date.

Limit snacking

If your kids continually snack on sweets throughout the day, the acidity levels in their mouths spike on many occasions. There is also no opportunity for their mouths to recover in between. This can be extremely damaging to teeth. For this reason, don´t allow your kids to snack on the sweets they gather at Halloween continually.

Make the sweets a dessert.

Eating a meal boosts saliva production in the mouth. This saliva contains proteins and minerals that help to protect tooth enamel and limit the risk of tooth decay. For this reason, it makes sense to teach your kids that the best time to have sweets is as a dessert after a meal.

Have some water ready.

Water that contains fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. Therefore, encourage your kids to rinse their mouths with water after they have had their sweets.

Offer a swap for some sweets.

If your kids collect a lot of sweets on Halloween, you may want to consider offering a swap for some of them. This could be anything from a favourite magazine to a computer game or a trip out.

Make sure they brush their teeth.

Your kids should brush their teeth twice daily for 2 minutes, once in the morning and once before bed. If they have been eating Halloween treats, they must wait an hour before brushing. This is because the saliva needs time to work effectively, and this will not happen if brushed away.

To sum up

Halloween should be a fun occasion for your kids, so you shouldn?t spoil it by fussing too much over them collecting too many sweets. However, it’s important that you control eating these sweets and when it happens.

You should also ensure your kids have a good dental hygiene routine – on Halloween and every other day throughout the year.

Following these tips will help protect your kids’ teeth on Halloween, even if their trick-or-treating is successful. Happy Halloween!