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08 Sep

What are Self ligating brackets?


As we all know, traditional fixed braces consist of brackets, wires and elastic bands.

Usually, the metal brackets are attached to your teeth and joined together using a thin metal wire. Due to the ongoing advancements in brace technology, with self-ligating braces, straightening your teeth’s never been faster and more comfortable!

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These traditional metal braces used to be the only option for teeth straightening. However, the world of orthodontics has drastically changed over the last few years. There are now various options for you to consider when deciding what method you want to use when straightening your teeth.

The self-ligating braces, such as Damon Braces, are claimed to be less painful than traditional braces and in most cases, a lot faster. They are an evolution of traditional fixed braces. They still use brackets and archwires, however, unlike traditional braces, they do not use elastics. Self-ligating braces have a slide mechanism (sliding clips) to hold the wire in place, which allows the teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably. The sliding mechanism helps straighten the teeth with gradual movement.

Self-ligating braces are also offered in a clear range available in tooth-coloured and clear attachments to reduce the visibility of the metal brace. The clear braces are virtually invisible and are resistant to stains, providing a superior aesthetic solution for our patients.

While traditional metal braces are still widely used and highly effective, self-ligating braces provide patients with several benefits:

  1. Shorter and less frequent appointments As your teeth begin to move with the braces, you will need to see your dentist to change the wire that connects your brackets periodically, progressing to a slightly thicker wire each time. The sliding clips make the task of changing the wire quick and easy, resulting in shorter appointments. Since the wire needs to be adjusted less frequently than the elastics of traditional braces, you will need to see your dentist fewer times throughout treatment.
  2. Easier cleaning than traditional braces: Your braces provide the perfect place for plaque to accumulate, so brushing your teeth and braces during orthodontic treatment is very important. Compared to traditional braces, these braces have fewer add-on parts which leaves fewer places for plaque to build in. The sliding clips make it easier than elastic bands to keep your teeth clean and healthy.
  3. Discreetness Most self-ligating braces have been specially designed to be more inconspicuous than traditional metal braces and you can also choose from discreet clear and tooth-coloured options.
  4. Easier movement Due to the absence of elastic bands, self-ligating braces create less friction, so lighter forces are applied to move your teeth. This helps your teeth move quickly and more efficiently.
  5. Quicker overall treatment The average time of treatment is significantly shorter than the time taken using traditional braces. The fewer check ups required are also a huge advantage.

With self-ligating braces, you can have a healthy smile in a shorter time and with much greater comfort than conventional braces.