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29 Dec

Dental Veneers Guide: Finding The Right Colour

                            Perfect your smile with veneers

Finding Your Perfect Shade…

Who knew that choosing your own tooth shade could be an actual thing…but then again, you will be wearing your teeth for life, and you want to feel comfortable and confident every time you smile. So why shouldn’t you be able to choose your perfect shade?

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, we are now in a position where we can pick the actual shade of our teeth at the clinic with the Dentist and be confident this is what we will receive when your veneers are fitted.

At Maida Smiles, we are all about harmony. We focus more on the aesthetics of an individual rather than just the cosmetics. That means that we consider everything when discussing the shade and shape of your teeth. 

How do we find the right colour for your veneers?

Being one of the few clinics here in London with the technology to produce like-for-like results guarantees our patients leave our clinic with the shade they chose. This is down to our state-of-the-art eLAB system, a photography system that makes the precision of the colour of the patient’s teeth match perfectly with the colour that will come with the veneers.

The eLAB system transforms your digital camera into an easy-to-use shade-matching system, resulting in better clinical results and improved customer relations. We use a polarised shield for the photographs. When this is used in conjunction with specific settings on the camera, it can be read by software at the laboratory, which will translate it into a digital prescription of a multitude of colours and shades that can be applied to the ceramic of the new tooth restoration.

The digital workflow eliminates the subjective opinion of a dentist, nurse or lab technician when looking at the original adjacent tooth colour we are trying to match – further reducing the probability of colour/shade mismatch. This means you’re not relying on a person’s vision to compare and match the shades but rather a digital prescription that matches the shade to a microscopic level. 

Once the eLAB has recorded the shade of teeth this then gets sent digitally to the lab before sending the impressions.

How do we find the right shape for your veneers?

Aat Maida Smiles, we want to help you find your perfect smile that you will be happy with for life! Face alignment is very important and can be overlooked by some professionals. However, at this practice, we focus just as much on the aesthetics of the entire face rather than just your new veneers. This also reassures our patients they receive the most natural-looking results that won’t alter their appearance. As a rule of thumb, the colour of your teeth shouldn’t be whiter than the shade of the white in your eyes; if they are, they will appear less natural.

The shape of your teeth can be customised to match your face, smile and eye shape. Some people choose a straight edge, while others prefer a more rounded shape. You can offer many different options and will be discussed during your appointment with the Dentist. Yes, who knew so much went into picking your perfect smile!

Why now might be the right time for you…

If you have been considering a new smile makeover, whether for health or cosmetic reasons, December is the perfect time for you to enquire here at Maida Smiles. 

We have an offer for this month where you can actually trial your new smile for FREE! You will come in for a consultation with our specialist, where they will discuss the procedure and stages involved. You will have an impression taken, allowing us to create temporary veneers for you in the shade and shape you desire; this process usually standardly costs £300 for a trial smile. This temporary veneer can be taken home and worn so you get the full experience of how your new teeth will look. You also get to show them off to your friends and family so they can see your beautiful new smile!

Do you know how much dental veneers cost UK? Consult our price list or contact us.