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Dental Implants Surgery & Cost


If you are looking to replace missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are an excellent way to bring back your confident smile.

They tend to be the most natural-looking restoration option, and unlike dentures, you do no need to ever remove them or miss out on your favourite foods! This blog will answer all of your questions regarding tooth implants and the associated costs that come with them.

What is the procedure?

The treatment begins with an initial consultation, where a metal fixture is placed into the jawbone (a small screw), and this implant acts as a support or anchor for a new tooth or set of teeth carefully designed to suit your face. Implants are most commonly used when a patient has missing teeth that need to be replaced or when his/her own teeth are badly damaged and have no hope of survival. Over time, the implant completely integrates within the jawbone and remains a strong support for your new teeth (a process known as Osseointegration). You brush dental implants as you would your natural teeth, and chew food with them, and to the untrained eye, they appear to be the teeth you were born with. Our advanced clinic settings also allow for one or several dental implant procedures at the same time. This is also known as ‘all-on 4 implants’. 

Are Dental Implants the Right Option For Me?

This question will be best answered after your initial consultation with our dentist. During the initial consultation, you will receive x-rays on the specific area of your mouth that will receive the implant. These x-rays will reveal to us if the bone in the area is strong enough to support a dental implant. It will also reveal if there is enough room to place a dental implant in that region of your mouth. We will provide you with a complete treatment plan, including everything you need to do to restore the confidence in your smile back.  Arrange a consultation.

‘All-on-4’ implants are a combination of different dental methods and technologies that is much more stable and reliable than traditional methods for affixing dentures, such as simple natural suction or denture adhesives. All-on-4 uses a set of fixed dental implants that are embedded in the patient’s jaw at the same exact time.  

Dr Pedro

Am I a good candidate for implants? 

The good news is that most people are good candidates for dental implants. With advanced CBCT scans, we can discover any problems before we begin. However, there are a few characteristics that a good candidate should possess:

Healthy Gums

To start your dental implant treatment,  your gums must be healthy enough to sit around the implant, providing support and strength. However, don’t back away too fast! Gum disease can often be treated quite easily with modern dental practices. If you plan on replacing several teeth with dental implants, you would first have the remaining teeth extracted, and in a short amount of time, your gums will become healthy again. If you aren’t a good candidate for dental implants or need to make some alterations, our dentists will advise on all other options. 

Adequate Structure and Bone Size

In order for dental implants to successfully integrate into your jawbone, the bone must be strong enough to support the structure. If, during your consultation, your x-ray images reveal there are issues with the bone where your implant will be placed, there are special procedures that can help in regaining bone strength so it is strong enough to support an implant. We will discuss all available options at the same day. 

Commitment to Good Dental Health Practices and Regular Check-ups

If a patient begins to practice bad oral hygiene after his/hers dental implant surgery, the implant can be impacted by gum disease and may have caused the dental procedure to fail.

What is the cost and is it worth it? 

The cost for an implant procedure at Maida Smiles Clinic is £2500 and with our payment facilities, this can be distributed throughout several months with 0% interest. More.

When you compare the effectiveness and lifespan of a dental implant and factor in the fact that it is very low maintenance, it can outperform and outlast all other types of tooth replacements. With proper care, you can expect your dental implant to last for the rest of your lifetime when it is planned, placed and looked after by an experienced dental practitioner.

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