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Dental Implants In London

Implants lasting 30 years

Our London dental clinic offers an exciting array of dental implant brands and advanced techniques that cater to various missing teeth cases. Plus, our implant surgeon, Dr Gutierres boasts an incredible 98% success rate.

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Full list of dental implant prices

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All our prices for dental implants are inclusive of posts and crowns. 

At Maida Smiles W9, we offer an exciting array of brands and have developed advanced techniques that cater to various missing teeth cases. 

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  • Individual tooth loss
  • Prices from £2,500
  • All-inclusive price
mini dental implants
  • Anchored bridge
  • Multiple tooth loss
  • Prices from £2,000
all on 4 dental implants image
  • Full jaw replacement
  • Removable dentures
  • Prices from £4,900
  • Full set of implants
  • Hybrid denture treatment
  • Prices from £16,000

Guide to dental implants

The dental implant itself is a titanium post, which acts as an artificial tooth replacement for the new, false tooth.

Implanted surgically into the jawbone by an implantologist, the dental implant will begin to fuse with the surrounding bone in the jaw, which will keep it firmly and securely in position for life.

After a short healing period, Dr Gutierres will fix a high-quality false tooth or crown on top of the implant to complete your smile restoration.

Please note that the crown’s shape, size, and colour will be custom-made to blend flawlessly with any remaining teeth.

  • Multiple implants: To replace more than one missing tooth with individual gaps. From £2,500 per gap.
  • Implant-retained dentures: To replace an arch of missing teeth using three implants. From £4,900.
  • Implant-supported bridges: To replace up to three missing teeth in a row. From £2,000.
  • All-on-4: For full arch rehabilitation for candidates with no bone (non-removable). From £16,000.
  • All-on-6: Like All on 4, but more stable.

Dental implants placed by experienced implant dentist Dr Gutierres at our Maida Vale practice last up to 30 years and are the most stable, advanced solution to replace missing teeth permanently. 

The dental implant procedure is simple and pain-free under local anaesthetic. IV sedation is available for particularly nervous patients.

Dental implants have been a trusted, discreet, long-term option to replace failing or missing teeth for 25 years. Whether you want to replace just one tooth or an entire arch, dental implants often provide the best aesthetic results for natural-looking smiles.

Traditional procedures like dentures or bridgework can decay existing teeth and will not prevent facial sagging and future tooth and bone loss.

Traditional tooth replacement fix the aesthetics of a missing tooth rather than solve the problem. Bridges and dentures will still cause the bone in the jaw to deteriorate.

So, in the case of multiple missing teeth, the jawbone reabsorbs into the body, leading to further tooth loss, collapse or distortion of facial features, gum disease and certain medical conditions. This means if you want to consider implants in the future, and have no bone, you’ll need to undergo potential bone grafting or sinus augmentations. Learn more about pre-implant procedures.

Dental implants are better than any other prosthetic. Explore all missing teeth solutions.

On top of restoring your appearance, dental implants are the only restorative option that maintains and benefits your oral health.

Dental implants prevent bone loss and protect your oral foundation from further deterioration.

As the titanium post fuses with the jawbone, implants will not slip, make noise, or cause further damage to the bone.

  • Dental implants prevent bone loss, which is common in missing teeth cases
  • Restores bite force, functions and chewing ability
  • 100% comfortable and natural-looking – implants are designed to be just like natural teeth
  • 0% chance of dental cavities
  • Fixed; no embarrassing slips as seen with dentures
  • Restores and prevents facial sagging
  • Easy to care for and maintain – requires the same care as natural teeth would
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Dental Implants Before & After photos

London Clinical cases resolved by the incredible implant surgeon Dr Pedro Gutierres

Are you a suitable candidate?

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Dental implants suit you if you need to replace a missing tooth from injury, trauma, extraction, decay, or gum disease.

Requirements to qualify for the dental implant treatment:

  • Had your gums checked
  • Over the age of 18
  • Healthy amount of jawbone

Before your implant treatment, you must undergo a clinical assessment with one of our implant dentists to determine your suitability. 

We will assess your mouth, take the appropriate X-rays and go through your medical history to discover if implants will be the best-prescribed option.

See the cost of dental implant in London.

Financing dental implants

The final cost will depend on which implant system you opt for, the technique used, the number of implants, the final restoration (crown or denture) and the dentist’s time.

However, patients can expect to spend £2,500 for a single implant as a benchmark. Discounts are often offered to multiple implant patients or those needing full arch rehabilitation treatments.

  •  1 implant= £2,500 (including post and crown)
  • £2,500 on dental finance over 12 months (0%) costs £208.33 pm.
  • Pay 50% upfront (£1,250) and the remaining 50% three months later (after the implant has healed).
  • Pay a 50% deposit upfront and use the 12 months interest-free to pay the remaining £1,250 – charged at £104.16 per month.

Multiple missing teeth (four teeth):

  • An implant bridge is from £2,000.
  • £2,000 on dental finance over 12 months (0%) would cost £166.66 pm.

Patients looking to save money on multiple implants can opt for implant-retained dentures or bridges, which will keep their oral condition intact but provide a cheaper final restoration cost.

Our full-time implant dentist

Principal dentist and full-time implantologist, Dr Gutierres is highly sought after for his advanced bone grafting skills, which help more missing teeth patients restore their smile with dental implants.

Dr Gutierres undertakes all of our implants. He has the experience and knowledge to replace your missing teeth with permanent implants in less than four appointments.

The Implant Procedure

The first two stages of treatment can be completed quickly over two appointments, with the second being under local anaesthetic.

However, there will need to be a break of three or so months between the implant placement and final restoration because we need to allow for a period of healing called osseointegration.

Osseointegration can take between three and eight months. We can replace your temporary teeth with your permanent set following this period. 

Book a free consultation with Cintia. She has a nursing background and a wealth of implant knowledge. Click here.

We treat more than 22 Implant patients a month

Whether you need an implant placed for single tooth loss or multiple tooth loss, the Maida Smiles cosmetic teaam in London can help ensure your implants blend flawlessly with existing teeth.

We understand you will have many questions about solving your missing teeth problems, so we have created an implant FAQ section for our patients in London.

The procedure is relatively straightforward, with patients reporting minimal discomfort following the process. The pain of the treatment has often been compared to the after-feeling of having a tooth extracted and is easily rectified with over-the-counter medication and painkillers.

That said, we offer IV sedation for our implant patients in London, which makes implant surgery a positive, relaxed experience with no pain as there are no memories of the treatment.

Again, this depends on the complexity of your case – a single implant can often take around one hour. But if there is a need for additional work or treatments like bone grafting, this can take longer.

Dental implants require no special care or maintenance; they need to be cared for like regular teeth, with tooth brushing and flossing.

Typical healing times are between 3 and 5 months; this allows the implant to attach to the bone safely and securely. However, the length can vary and depend on the quality of the bone present. We will be able to be much more specific during an implant consultation.

With the proper care and attention, implants can last a lifetime.

We will discuss this with you during your consultation; depending on your condition, we might recommend different techniques like All on 4, which can hold several implants using just four implants per arch.