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What is implant-retained dentures, and how do they work?

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Often referred to as clip-in or snap-on dentures, implant-retained dentures work almost the same way as conventional dentures.

The main difference is that dental implants secure the prosthesis in place.

Implant-retained dentures are removable and are not permanently fixed to the dental implants. They can be removed to clean and reattached at will.

Whether you need to replace a single arch or both, implant-retained dentures can offer both.

Usually, we would use six implants for the upper denture and two to four implants on the lower arches.

The cost of implant-retained dentures and how they can save you money

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Dental implants have long been hailed as the most advanced tooth replacement method available in today’s dentistry. But as you know, this may come at a price.

So, when it comes to making your implant procedure more affordable, one cost-effective approach is to combine traditional replacement methods with this modern advancement.

Here at Maida Smiles, our fee for placing implant-retained dentures begin from £1,900. The price of our implant treatments is all-inclusive of the implant itself, the post (abutment) and final restoration, which in this case is a denture.

Benefits of implant-retained dentures

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The only viable way to secure dentures forever:

  • Implant-retained dentures are a cost-effective solution for those who suffer from missing teeth.
  • The dentures are held securely in place using a small number of implants, making them a more stable alternative than regular removable dentures.
  • The implants allow the dentures to remain in place without adhesive.
  • Implant-retained dentures are removable (snap in and out) and are attached to the implant device rather than relying on gum suction.
  • Implant-retained dentures offer the same security and functionality as a natural set of teeth. So, you can chew and speak naturally without the risk of them slipping or falling out.
  • Many people worry about the embarrassment of dentures moving out of place while they talk, and implant-retained dentures take this worry away.
  • The roof of the mouth is left uncovered, which restores taste sensations and eating quality.

What implant-retained dentures can't do

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Here at Maida Smiles, we advise you on how to achieve the smile you want – that’s why we’re transparent regarding the benefits and limitations of our procedures, so as our patients, you can trust that what we have to say is in your best interest.

With any surgical procedure, there are pros and cons.

With implant-retained dentures, you can expect the restored ability to eat most foods successfully again. Still, even with the implant-based treatment, there will be certain food restrictions that the dentist will elaborate on in more detail.

Next, as the implant-retained dentures are removable, it is common for patients to experience slight movement.

However, this is nothing compared to traditional dentures, and many patients claim the difference is like night and day.

For patients looking for no tooth movement, you might want to explore other implant-based systems like Implant-Supported Bridges, Implant-Supported Implants (fixed prosthesis), All-on-4 or Multiple Implant placement.

WAIT! Are you a good candidate for implant-retained dentures?

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If your dentures are uncomfortable or ill-fitting, implant-retained dentures could be the perfect solution.

However, implant-retained dentures will only be viable for patients with enough bone in particular mouth areas. So, if you have a complete breakdown of bone in the jaw, we might have to prepare the jaw beforehand with procedures like bone grafts.

With that being said, one of the main advantages of implant-retained dentures is that we can place the implant in areas of the mouth where bone quality is solid and high. So, this can help patients avoid the need for pre-implant procedures if we locate areas in the mouth that show great density.

The implant-retained denture process

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Typically, the length of treatment for implant-retained dentures can last from three to six months. When we implant the titanium screws into your jaw, we need to give them enough time to heal and fuse with the surrounding jawbone to offer maximum stability.

We offer other procedures, like All-on-4 (Teeth in a Day), which speeds up this process. However, with all implant procedures, you will have to wait three months for the final restoration to be made.

What to expect:

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Using a dental impression, we will custom make your dentures to fit your jaw and face perfectly for a natural look.

Typically, the implants we use for securing a set of dentures are slightly smaller than standard dental implants.

We will attach a set of studs to your gum line where dentures can be attached during the procedure.

Following this, we will wait a few months until we can attach your newly customised dentures.

Choose Maida Smiles

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Our implant clinic based in Lo offers some of the most competitive prices for implant treatments in London. But, more than this, our consistent five-star reviews and patient results speak for themselves.

If you are to pursue implant-based treatments, do so with Maida Smiles – you’ll be in good hands!

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