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Is it OK to have a missing back tooth?

A missing back molar might be easy to live with and to forget, which means you might consider that it’s not essential to replace it.

But as dentists, who focus largely on missing teeth care, we sadly see all the time the consequences of ignoring gaps in the mouth – even when they’re hidden away.

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Replace a missing molar urgently - Does it really matter?

We know that a missing back tooth, can sometimes feel less urgent than a missing front tooth, for example – and we get it. 

However, it’s our job to educate patients on the underlying oral health problems that ignoring gaps in the mouth can cause for the future.

Tooth loss, no matter how it happened will increase your chances of gum disease and decay, allowing infections to spread quickly, easily affecting remaining, healthy teeth. 

But the threat of bone loss, which does not grow back can also cause further tooth loss, whether it’s in six months or six years.

Therefore, we always try to recommend to patients to deal with their problems early to avoid more serious and costly problems later down the line. 

Don’t live with a missing tooth. It’s best to replace a missing molar as soon as possible to prevent tooth shifting. Bone loss and movement can be seen in as little as six months. 

What to do if you lose a back tooth - three treatment options to choose from:

Whilst the method you choose to replace your back molar is up to you, we challenge patients to take it carefully. The cheapest options, like dentures, for example, are not always the best option to preserve the integrity of your oral health in the long run. Whilst dentures can close the aesthetics of the gap, they will not be effective in preventing bone loss.

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Single Dental Implant

*£2,500 inclusive of abutment, post and crown, scans and surgery

  • Lasts 20-30 years
  • Preserves bone quality
  • Prevents facial sagging
  • Best for speech and chewing
  • Mimics natural teeth and root
  • Placed in 1 hour – 3 months to heal
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Partial dentures

*Prices range from £850-£1,100 (metal recommended)

  • Lasts 5-7 years
  • Relies on suction or clasps
  • Not always palateless
  • Causes bone loss and shrinkage
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Dentures ready in 6-8 weeks

Dental Bridges

*£875 for unit (must also consider the cost of three crowns)

  • Lasts 5-15 years
  • Does not preserve the bone
  • Prevents facial sagging
  • Restores aesthetics
  • Neighbouring teeth require filing
  • Placed in 1.5 hours – 2.4 weeks to heal

Paying for back tooth replacement

Patients worried about the cost will be pleased to discover they don’t have to pay their treatment fees upfront for implants, bridges or dentures.

At our London clinic, we’re proud to offer our patients the opportunity to spread the cost of their missing back tooth treatment over 12 months using 0% financing.

For example, you could pay £104.16 a month using 12 months 0% finance by placing a 50% deposit.  Longer terms are available with additional APR.

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