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23 Jun

Ceramic Veneers Vs Composite Bonding


Today we would like to talk to you about the most common options to improve your smile: Composite Bonding and Ceramic Veneers.

When improving a smile, the goal is to improve the aesthetic pleasure from contemplation, increasing harmony while respecting the existing tooth structure.

Both options allow us to improve the size, shape and shade of the existing dentition.

full mouth composite veneers offer

In both cases, an extra layer is added to the tooth structure. Composite Bonding is the addition of a layer of a composite filling, a material traditionally used to fill cavities. Ceramic Veneers are lab-made solutions made of porcelain.

Composite Bonding is usually used for minor improvements. Composite is a type of plastic, their strength and longevity are lower than ceramic, but it is a cost-effective option to add small changes to teeth. Being a plastic, we can expect some chipping and degradation over time, so maintenance like frequent polishing or repairs of chipping are expected.

Ceramic Veneers are usually the gold standard. Don’t miss out our short YouTube video on the subject by clicking the link. Ever wondered why our sinks, dishes and bathtubs are made of porcelain rather than plastic? They do get dirty often, but once we clean them, they are as spotless as the day we get them. Porcelain is the go-to option for superior aesthetics and longevity. Once bonded, they are as strong as enamel. In some cases, we may need to gently polish or trim the tooth structure to make room for the veneers, but it doesn?t weaken the tooth. We often see on social media cases branded as veneers where patients teeth are shaven into pyramid shape pegs, but those are usually crowns preparations (crowns are helmet-like ceramic restorations that restore weakened teeth). Another frequent concern is the way they will look. Most patients think about celebrities with very big, white and opaque, sometimes unnatural looking veneers. If that is what you want, veneers can do it too, but that is usually the exception, not the rule. Veneers should blend perfectly with the natural dentition, so most celebrities with veneers don?t really look like they have any work done, it just looks like they won the genetic lottery.?

I invite you to look at our portfolio. There you will find examples of both cases.

If you are unhappy about your smile or would welcome hearing your smile improvement options, feels free to contact us here at Maida Smiles Clinic for further details, we are conveniently located between St John’s Wood and Maida Vale.