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Dental Crowns from £75 pM

  • Dental crowns from £900
  • 0% finance over 12 months
  • Placed in one appointment
  • No dark gum line

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Implant Crown profile

Getting a crown for the first time?

Dental crowns, designed to mimic life-like teeth, are prosthetic caps that cover and protect natural teeth when they have become weakened, damaged or impacted by decay. 

If you’ve just had a root canal or been told that a dental filling is impossible, you’ll likely need a dental crown to protect your natural tooth from crumbling.

If you’ve not been recommended a crown and think you need one for a smile makeover, it’s not always the most suitable treatment.

Let’s discuss your needs, conditions and options. 

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Signs you need a dental crown

  • You’ve had a root canal done
  • Advanced dental decay or cavity
  • Broken, cracked or fractured teeth
  • Your tooth is too weak
  • As a final restoration for a bridge or implant

Treatments should not be delayed if you’ve been recommended a dental crown to protect your tooth from decay and exposure.

Whilst the tooth can survive several weeks without a crown, the tooth remains exposed, which can cause heightened sensitivity, dental pain and cause further damage that might lead to an extraction. 

In some cases, patients with existing crowns might not need a replacement crown if it has come loose or broken or simply because they do not like the dark line near the gum.

At Maida Smiles, we offer same-day crown replacements and can see you within four hours if your crown has broken. Click here if your case is urgent.

Which dental crown material is the best?

We offer several kinds of ceramic, porcelain or metal crowns, but regarding aesthetic appeal, porcelain crowns tend to be favoured. Porcelain has translucent properties, meaning it can mimic natural teeth well. 

But in cases where patients are not hugely concerned about their crowns blending in, especially to cover back molars, white-coloured materials like Zirconia or Emax are often the leading choice. 

Metal-based crowns can also offer superior strength and are recommended for molars as they provide better chewing distribution and stability. 

Discuss with the dentist which is better.

Benefits of dental crowns

  • Protects a weakened structure
  • Prevents further decay and infection
  • Improves the appearance of chipped teeth
  • Restores the tooth’s natural shape and size
  • Help to reduce sensitivity 
  • Durable, lasting decades
  • Prolongs the life of a dying, natural tooth
  • No impressions required
  • Digital scanning – more comfortable
  • Tooth-coloured, long-lasting and natural-looking

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Types of dental crowns and cost

  • Porcelain bonded crown from £900
  • Zirconia ceramic crown from £1,250
  • Emax crown from £975

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