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E-max Crowns from £81.25 per month in london

  • E-max crown from £975
  • 0% finance over 12 months
  • Placed in one appointment
  • Best for front or visible teeth

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Same-day E-max Crowns in London

E-max providing equal strength to a zirconium crown, offer patients an additional benefit of improved aesthetics. E-max made from a very tough material that requires no joints is arguably better to withstand pressure than zirconium crowns, which means patients are less likely to chip or break their crowns and have better control over the final colour.

With E-max crowns, patients can perfectly match the colour of their crown to adjacent teeth, making it indistinguishable from their natural smile. With E-max, patients have a range of shades available – much more than any other type of crown material.

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Better than metal?

Like porcelain veneers, E-max crowns have translucent properties that make it the easiest material to blend flawlessly with existing teeth, which is why it’s a popular crown restoration for weakened front teeth.

E-max crowns are a special type of lithium disilicate material that’s made from a single block of ceramic that makes it a high-strength crown. 

As lithium disilicate is known for its superior strength, patients can rest assured that their E-max crown is able to withstand the right biting forces, and on top of that, have the best aesthetic appeal. 

That said, E-max is typically high-strength for front teeth as opposed to posterior teeth or back teeth, where all types of ceramic crowns should be avoided. E-max crowns are not designed for heavy forces required for molars.

Benefits of E-max crowns

  • Less prone to chipping than zirconium crowns.
  • Lithium desilicated ceramic is a material that has been particularly harvested for its translucent properties and durability.
  • E-max crowns are tough and durable and mimic natural teeth well.
  • E-max, whilst typically more expensive than traditional crown types like PFM, offer better range of colour choices.
  • The ceramic crowns can last up to 15 years with the right care.
  • Cumulative success rates were 97.36%. Source.
  • They allow restorative dentists to make restorations that are far less thick and require less enamel removal.
  • Easily fabricated by CAD-CAM milling making them a same-day crown procedure.

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Cost of Emax crowns

  • E-max crowns at our London clinic cost £995.

If you require a dental crown on the visible portion of your smile or on one of your front teeth, ensuring the colour match is perfect can feel essential. 

In this case, E-max crowns will be the right choice, which means you’ll only have to invest around £95 more compared to a conventional crown.

At our practice, we charge £995 for same-day E-max crowns. Payments can be broken up into 12 monthly instalments using 0% finance (no additional cost of credit). 

Patients can expect to pay £82.91 per month, without the need to place a deposit.