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Zirconia Ceramic Crowns from £104.16 pM

  • Zirconia crown from £1,250
  • 0% finance over 12 months
  • Needs two appointments
  • Offered at our clinic in London
  • Best for molars and front teeth

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Experience best of both worlds with zirconia crowns

As you might know, dental crowns are the key to protecting and restoring a a tooth that’s suffered damage. So, choosing the right one to protect your oral health is crucial – and with advancements in dentistry and the rise of zirconia, you can reap the benefits of a dental crown that combines the best aspects of both metal and porcelain.

Perfect for both front and rear restorations, zirconia works best when it restores molars, due to the surprising amount of force they exert when you chew. The fact that zirconia crowns are constructed from metal is definitely reflected in their durability, versatility and strength, which over time, will see them better resist wear and tear. Unlike porcelain, zirconia is not prone to cracking or chipping, which is why many experts agree there’s no stronger, or likely better material for dental crowns. 

Not your average or traditional metal crown

When you opt for zirconia for your dental crown to repair a worn, damaged or broken tooth, you’re opting for the most durable monolithic ceramic material, which is the strongest and most split-resistant when compared to other crown types like resin. 

On top of this, zirconia crowns not only greatly improve aesthetics, as they blend perfectly with your existing teeth, but they restore balance and functionality to your bite and protect your exposed tooth from decay.

Made from Zirconium dioxide, zirconia crowns are made from a naturally white metal that’s actually similar to titanium. One of the newer materials used for dental restorations, zirconia is one of the best of its kind; it’s stronger than porcelain and believe it or not, but some some metal alloys too.

As zirconium oxide is a versatile material, it can often be combined with porcelain or glass to boost the final aesthetics, which will make it almost indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

Benefits of zirconia crowns

  • Does not wear the same as other crowns resulting in fewer sharp edges over time.
  • Zirconia crowns do not enamel damage or put stress on opposing or neighbouring teeth.
  • Better shielding capacity, meaning it is able to handle higher loads of pressure and biting forces.
  • Typically lasts from 5-15 years depending on oral care.
  • Zirconia crowns are stain-resistant, but will require additional tweaking and coating to blend flawlessly with natural teeth.
  •  Unlike porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, zirconia features no ugly or dark metal gum line. 
  • Whilst not milled the same was as porcelain crowns, zirconia is easy to mould into the right shape and size, which has a better artistic advantaged when your crown is being designed. 
  • Can be reshaped and adjusted once fitted, meaning you do not have to wait for the lab to make any changes.
  • Similar to titanium, zirconium oxide is biocompatible, meaning your body is highly unlikely to reject it.

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Cost of zirconia crowns

  • Zirconia crowns at our London clinic cost £1,250.

We get it, a dental crown is not at the top of your to-do list to buy. So, when there comes a time to need one, opting for the cheapest one might seem the best approach. 

In this case, zirconia crowns are a couple of hundred pounds more expensive and with 0% finance as an option to split the cost of your treatment, we’d recommend option for a crown that serves your treatment specification. For example, in the case, of a heavily weakened and damaged back molar, zirconia will certainly be the superior fit. 

Zirconia crowns on dental 0% finance cost £104.16 per month with no additional cost of credit.