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Invisalign i7

Minimum of 399 Invisalign cases completed every year

As a Diamond Invisalign provider, we’re often the go-to clinic in London for patients looking to straighten their smiles more efficiently and quickly.

Don’t waste time or money on conventional braces but instead, choose clear aligner technology like Invisalign that can straighten teeth in just 49 days.

Just one more reason to smile!

Why Invisalign Express?

Patients suffering from mild orthodontic issues like overcrowding will be extremely pleased to know that they can straighten their teeth in as little as 12 weeks.

Using the innovative and incredible Invisalign i7 treatment system, we’ll only need to use seven aligners over three months to straighten and realign teeth into healthy and perfectly straight positions. Now, that sounds much better than straightening your smile in 12 to 24 months doesn’t it?

Invisalign i7 Clinical Profile

Treatment length

  • Seven aligners
  • Seven weeks
  • Three months to see results


  • Minor crowding
  • Minor tooth movement
  • Minor crookedness

Treatment cost

  • From £2,060 per arch
  • Specific quotes per case
  • Redeemable via 0% finance
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Find out more about Invisalign

What is Invisalign i7? And how does it differ?

Invisalign is the most popular orthodontic clear brace straightening device on the market today that helps patients straighten their teeth faster, more accurately and in some cases, cheaper.

As you might know, there’s various versions of Invisalign designed to treat and gradually shift different types of bite conditions and malocclusion. For example, Invisalign Full targets the more severe complex bite problems like overbites, where Invisalign Lite treats moderate conditions and Invisalign i7, minor tweaks.

Whilst Invisalign i7 will only target small issues with your smile, it is an extremely effective and accurate treatment that fixes misaligned teeth by gradually and precisely moving them into their pre-determined and approved positions.

Our treatment coordinator Cintia explains the importance of booking a free consultation before your treatment appointment.

Staff at our Maida Vale practice

The perfect candidates for Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 targets patients looking to fix minor flaws like crooked teeth in their otherwise charming smiles. So, if you’ve got a small smile problem that could do with a quick fix, then Invisalign i7 will be the treatment for you.

Patients can book in for a consultation with our Diamond Invisalign dental providers to discover which version of Invisalign will be most suitable for their specific conditions.

Typically, the perfect candidate for Invisalign i7 will be looking to cosmetically enhance their smiles. Slightly crooked teeth or overcrowding can be targeted easily with Invisalign i7, which is also perfect for patients who have already undergone orthodontic treatment but are experiencing slight retention.

Invisalign i7 Process

All it takes is 7 weeks and three appointments:

  • Book a consultation with our trained TCO, who can use our advanced equipment to analyse your smile and help recommend the best version of Invisalign for your misalignment.
  • We’ll take thousands of images of your smile in seconds, which we can instantly upload to the Invisalign laboratory if you decide to pursue with treatment.
  • If you decide to proceed, depending on how you’ve decided to pay for your treatment, we’ll typically take a 50% deposit to process your results and to begin manufacturing your aligners.
  • In two-three weeks, your aligners will arrive back at our dental office and we’ll invite you back in to have them fitted.
  • Then, it’s up to you! You’ll be required to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day and we’ll occasionally ask you to come in so we can monitor your progress.

Benefits of Invisalign i7

  • Practically invisible and difficult to notice
  • Removable to eat, drink and play sport
  • Straightens teeth in a third of the time
  • Comfortable and pain-free
  • Targets small cosmetic smile problems
  • Causes no disruption to diet or activity
  • Trusted by millions across the world
  • Improved dentition and oral hygiene

Spread the cost

Maida Smiles offers 0% finance (subject to status), which is interest-free for the first 12 months.

Invisalign costs:

Using our finance option, patients can break down the cost of their Invisalign i7 payments in monthly instalments.

Patients will also be pleased to know that we offer in-practice memberships and payment plans. Plus, we’re accepted by many health insurance providers.

Become a patient

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You can book an appointment using our online booking system, or you can choose to contact the practice directly using the button below to sign up to become a new patient.

We’re conveniently located in West London near St John’s Wood in Maida Vale. Patients can drive to the clinic and find parking on the street next to the clinic – plus, we’re about a five minutes’ walk from St John’s Wood and Maida Vale stations.

At least 33 Invisalign Cases every month

To retain our awarded Diamond Invisalign Provider status, we must complete a minimum of 33 Invisalign cases every month to still be considered one of the best not just in London, but Europe.