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Michael McGrade
Michael McGrade
6. July, 2022.

Great experience with this dentists. Emailed asking for copies of some old receipts at the weekend and Melika was extremely helpful/came back with them almost immediately 🙂

Cenk Turkinan
Cenk Turkinan
19. June, 2022.

Short waiting times, friendly staff, clean premises, flexible

11. June, 2022.

It’s a rare case when you think about going to the dentist as something enjoyable. But this is Maida Smiles in nutshell.

I had 2 wisdom teeth removal during one appointment and literally didn’t feel any pain or anything unpleasant at all. It’s was such a great experience end-to-end.
Strongly recommend!

Alessandro Ananias
Alessandro Ananias
29. May, 2022.

Excellent dentist - very caring staff and superb service

Julia Gościmska
Julia Gościmska
25. May, 2022.

Very professional, punctual and nice visit. I will come back again. Higly recommended, Marek Pastuch is the best!!!

Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
20. May, 2022.

I recently underwent a 2-hour procedure with Dr. Priscila Souza to repair 2 teeth.
The anaesthetic was applied so gently, that I barely noticed it. As for the procedure, Dr. Priscila was so skilled and gentle that I actually fell asleep.
I can not recommend Dr. Priscila highly enough. Without a question of a doubt, the best dentist I’ve had in London.

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  • Our dentists are the go-to specialists for dental referrals in Westminster for complex cases.
  • Our London clinic is a thirteen-minute walk from St John’s Wood.
  • We’re the dentist for dentists – so if other clinicians trust us with their teeth, then you know you’re in suitable hands.

Direct and indirect fillings

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There are two main types of filling:

  • Direct fillings: Used when the dentist removes the cavity and immediately applies a tooth-coloured resin to the tooth. Following this, the dentist will shape, cure and polish the filling.
  • Indirect fillings: These use a laboratory method to take the dental impression; the dentist will remove the cavity and then take an impression of the teeth using special putty, which is then sent to the lab to be custom-made for the patient. The filling in this instance will be similar to a traditional one. However, it will be cured in a particular way for better wear resistance. The lab can also add custom features such as glazing or tooth shade matching.

The main difference between the two is that one is placed immediately, and the other is placed on a second appointment. Indirect fillings offer a more durable, better-fitting result at a cost and a slower pace.

Patient google review

“Excellent first experience. Easy to book online, the dentist saw me quickly and finished my cavity filling within 20 minutes. Nice offices with calming music. It was even quite affordable compared to others in the area. Couldn’t be happier, I highly recommend it.”
Andy Shannon, 07/20/2022

Types of tooth fillings

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In this day and age, there are several dental filling materials for patients to choose from, each with its own set of benefits.

Patients have the choice of gold, porcelain, silver amalgam or tooth-coloured plastic (composite resin fillings).

But how do you know which type is the best for you? Often, it can be down to the patient’s choice.

However, the extent of the decay, cost and our dentist’s recommendations all assist in the decision of finding the best choice for you.

Comparing filling types, benefits and limitations

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If there’s one thing we understand better than most, it’s that patients like to be educated on the types of treatment available and then, with our recommendation, have the freedom to decide on their course of care.

So, we’ve created the below comparison table to highlight the benefits of each filling type, so you can have a good idea of what to expect before coming in for your appointment.

The cost of white fillings (tooth-coloured composites)

White fillings are a favoured choice simply because they tend to last for a good period and look more aesthetically pleasing in the mouth.

Visiting our practice from St John's Wood

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As our practice is so close to St John’s Wood, Shepherd’s Bush, Kensington, Chalk Farm & Islington, we’re often the first choice for patients needing fast, seamless fixes to everyday oral problems.

★★★★★ – 4.9 Star Rated Clinic

Dental filling FAQ

How long do fillings in teeth last for?

It depends on the filling you choose. The longest-lasting fillings are gold and amalgam silver, lasting up to 15 years. Tooth-coloured fillings can last a long time with proper care, however, they are known to have shorter longevity of around 5-10 years.

Which dental filling is best?

Undeniably, tooth-coloured, white fillings are the most popular choice for our London patients, for very obvious reasons. However, each filling type has its own benefits, but at the end of the day, the decision tends to boil down to the finished look and aesthetics of the tooth. And as tooth-coloured fillings keep more of the natural tooth intact, they could be considered a better option to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible.

Is a dental filling painful?

While it's not uncommon for patients to be nervous or fear having a cavity filled, it's not common for the procedure to be painful. You'll likely feel in far worse pain with toothache from dental decay than you would from having the issue rectified.

Do fillings weaken teeth?

Many traditional fillings like silver require the tooth's overall structure and shape to be modified to make room for the filling. This ultimately weakens the overall structure of the tooth. However, in cases of tooth-coloured composites, these keep much of the underlying tooth intact compared to their counterparts.

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