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What is a root canal? Avoiding extractions at all costs

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The treatment is called a root canal, which involves cleaning internal canals that reach the tooth’s root.

But why are they necessary? At the tooth’s core is the dental pulp that extends down to the root of your teeth. The pulp is home to nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels that are prone and vulnerable to infection – this is because once it becomes damaged or chipped, bacteria can seep through the cracks.

If you have chips or cracks in your teeth and have avoided dental fillings for some time, you likely have an infection.

When the damaged tooth is not repaired immediately, the bacteria entering the tooth can kill the dental pulp, consequently causing bone and tooth loss.

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Michael McGrade
Michael McGrade
6. July, 2022.

Great experience with this dentists. Emailed asking for copies of some old receipts at the weekend and Melika was extremely helpful/came back with them almost immediately 🙂

Cenk Turkinan
Cenk Turkinan
19. June, 2022.

Short waiting times, friendly staff, clean premises, flexible

11. June, 2022.

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I had 2 wisdom teeth removal during one appointment and literally didn’t feel any pain or anything unpleasant at all. It’s was such a great experience end-to-end.
Strongly recommend!

Alessandro Ananias
Alessandro Ananias
29. May, 2022.

Excellent dentist - very caring staff and superb service

Julia Gościmska
Julia Gościmska
25. May, 2022.

Very professional, punctual and nice visit. I will come back again. Higly recommended, Marek Pastuch is the best!!!

Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
20. May, 2022.

I recently underwent a 2-hour procedure with Dr. Priscila Souza to repair 2 teeth.
The anaesthetic was applied so gently, that I barely noticed it. As for the procedure, Dr. Priscila was so skilled and gentle that I actually fell asleep.
I can not recommend Dr. Priscila highly enough. Without a question of a doubt, the best dentist I’ve had in London.

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How can you tell if you need a root canal?

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Sometimes, patients experiencing tooth pain do not always need a root canal – it depends on the extent of the damage.

However, there are a few common signs that the infection is severe enough to require root canal treatment. See them below.

The signs and symptoms that might indicate you need a root canal:

  1. The tooth is chipped, cracked or has a hole.
  2. You experience significant toothache or pain when chewing.
  3. There is a lot of pain when biting down on putting pressure on the tooth.
  4. Your gums are tender or swollen in the area surrounding the tooth.
  5. You’ve noticed additional swelling in the neck and face.
  6. An abscess has begun to form on the gum area (like a pimple or blister)
  7. You experience extreme sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to cold or hot food or drink that lasts.
  8. The tooth is dark or discoloured.

Root canal procedure

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Your root canal procedure or therapy will involve cleaning out the infected pulp and removing any damaged nerves simultaneously.

While this might sound scary or intimidating, your dental nerves serve no purpose other than detecting temperature. So, for our expert endodontist, this standard, simple procedure will free you from toothache or pain.

Our specialist endodontist, Dr Lee, has received extensive education and special training in prestigious courses to be referred to as an expert. For Dr Lee, it’s his speciality to perfect the art of root canals and save your teeth.

Root canal therapy typically takes one or two visits to the dentist to complete — however, the more complex the case, the more additional appointments you may require.

Root canal cost

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