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Braces for teens and children - what's best for growing smiles

  • Discreet braces for under 18s
  • Experienced dentists in teen orthodontics
  • Removable Invisalign options for kids
  • Private braces cost from £1,250 per arch
  • Skip the queue and beat NHS  waiting lists

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Quick guide to teenage braces

Seeing as 1/3 of children require orthodontic treatment, help make awkward teenage years as fun as possible and set your child upright for their future with fast-working brace solutions that prevent them from feeling self-conscious during their wear time and later in life. 

Orthodontic treatment is commonly started once most of the child’s adult teeth have begun to erupt – this is usually around 12 years of age. However, some children as young as 10 can have braces. Invisalign First, designed specifically for growing mouths is available for ages as young as six.

Children most commonly begin their orthodontic treatment between the ages of 10 and 14. Whilst there’s no perfect age to begin realigning the smile, it is best to straighten teeth whilst the bones in the jaw are still developing, which will make the process a bit more easier. There are some cases, where children can benefit from earlier or later treatment, but all of this is usually assessed during your check-ups.

Braces are not free for adults on the NHS. However, children with a clinical need under the age of 18 have the right to free braces treatment via the NHS. However, with a shortage of NHS dentists up and down the country, waiting lists are very long, if you actually manage to track down a dentist. Explore private costs.

Misaligned teeth are not purely a cosmetic problem. Crooked teeth are often problematic in the fact that they can increase your risk of developing gum disease, a condition, which if ignored can lead to tooth loss, receding gums, bad breath and bleeding gums.

Braces are successful in realigning a wide variety of bite problems and malocclusions. That said, when the braces come off, it’s you and your child, who are responsible for upkeeping their results. To prevent the teeth shifting back into their original spaces and avoiding retention, it’s recommended to wear a retainer 12-18 months following your treatment, but some orthodontists recommend wearing one for life for the best results.

Braces for teenagers can be made fun and less stigmatised when you adopt a colour. Fixed metal braces, for example, come in a range of colours from bright to subtle shades. You can even choose transparent. You’ll also have the option to swap colours every six to eight weeks during your check-up appointments.

We understand the stigma of metal braces better than anyone. For teenagers, at a time where their appearance is particularly important, metal braces might make them feel self-conscious, stereotyped and judged. As the parent, work with your child to find the best option that reassures them about their treatment. For example, innovative, invisible, modern options like Invisalign are a trendy option. View costs.

Types of braces for kid’s teeth

Want to give your children a future worth smiling about? Discover discreet and traditional braces for children and teenagers with crooked, uneven, gapped or overcrowded smiles. Bite problems like overbites and underbites are also treated successfully with innovative systems like Invisalign clear aligners, designed specifically for teens and growing smiles.  Stop teeth in their tracks and prevent them from growing in abnormal positions today.

picture of invisalign aligners

Invisalign for teens – Most Discreet

  • From £2,060 per arch
  • Removable up to 2 hours
  • From 6 to 12 months
  • Remote check-ups
  • Mild to severe cases
metal braces

Metal Braces – Cheapest 

  • From £1,500 per arch
  • Fixed (coloured options)
  • Traditional brackets and archwires
  • 12-18 months + regular check-ups
  • Mild to severe cases
ceramic braces image

Ceramic Braces – Matches Teeth

  • From £1,250 (one arch)
  • Less noticeable than metal brackets
  • 18-36 months to straighten
  • Mild to severe cases
  • Regular check-ups for tightening
self-ligating braces


  • From £1,625 per arch
  • Fixed with brackets
  • 12-24 months
  •  Mild to severe cases
  • Requires regular appointments

Teeth braces price - interest-free payment plans

From minor corrections to severe misalignments, bespoke treatment plans can help your children achieve the smile of their dreams. With both discreet and traditional options available, we can help make their orthodontic experience enjoyable.

As a parent, you have the option to spread the cost of your child’s orthodontic treatment with 0% finance over 12 months with no additional cost of credit. For example, you can pay up to £179.19 to correct mild to moderate smile problems (both in the upper and lower jaws) per month.

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