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The prices below are for guidance only and can vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. We are constantly updating and revising the services we offer. All pricing below is subject to change as we reserve the right to make adjustments due to manufacturer price changes, errors in omissions, and other extenuating circumstances. Terms and conditions apply.

Examinations(£30 refundable deposit taken at booking and refunded on attendance)

Examination Adult Exams

Hygiene Services

Hygienist VisitScale & Polish

Examination + Hygiene with a DentistFor those seeking to have the Dental Examination and the hygiene carried out under the same visit

Airflow(Stain removal with particle abrasion ) *Price per arch


Metal BracesPrice for Top & Bottom combined

Self Ligating BracesPrice for Top & Bottom combined

Ceramic BracesPrice for Top & Bottom combined

Invisalign fullPrice for Top & Bottom combined

Vivera RetainersPrice for Top & Bottom combined

Fixed Orthodontic Retainersprice per arch (Top or Bottom)

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