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Composite Veneers
- 60% less expensive

Composite veneers, at times, can be the favoured solution for patients who might otherwise fear the permanency of cosmetic dentistry.

full mouth composite veneers offer

Composite Veneer Breakdown

  • No drilling, no needs, no shaving, no tooth removal (non-invasive)
  • No life-long commitment
  • Pain-free, same-day treatment
  • We offer 0% finance (subject to status) over 12 months

Using a composite resin material, these types of veneers successfully alter the tooth’s colour, shape, and size. And what you might not know about composite veneers is that our dentists, like Dr Harrison can apply them directly to your tooth within just one visit.

Plus, we will not need to shave down any vital tooth structure or tissue like conventional veneers.

Make your dream smile a reality!

Not every patient is ready to have composite veneers placed instantly.

To be a successful same-day patient, the current conditions need to be met with your existing smile, such as:

  • Severely crowded teeth. However, we can fix or reshape small misalignments with composite veneers.
  • Gums must be in a healthy condition – no gum disease!
  • Have gaps larger than 6mm (diastema).
  • No substantial damage to teeth.

Patients undergoing this procedure must be 18 and have had a check-up within the past six months.

Dental veneers have several advantages:

  • Non-prep and non-permanent
  • Cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers (more affordable)
  • Significantly improves the look, shape and brightness of a smile
  • Prepared chairside – incredible results in just one appointment
  • Non-invasive dentistry – no needles!
  • Can be applied to a certain number of teeth
  • Reduces gaps in the mouth and conceals every day smile issues

One composite veneer:

  •  1 veneer = £750
  • £750 on dental finance over 12 months (0%) costs £62.50 per month.
  • When not using finance, you would be expected to pay 50% upfront (£375) and the remaining 50% upon completion. 
  • By parting paying, patients can pay a 50% deposit upfront and use the 12 months interest-free pay the remaining £375 – charged at £31.25 per month.

A full mouth of composite veneers (six teeth):

  • Each veneer charged at £750 x 6 = £4,500.
  • £4,500 on dental finance over 12 months (0%) would cost £375.00 per month.
  • By part paying, you can pay a £2,250 deposit (upfront) and use the 12 months interest-free to pay the remaining £3,400 – charged at £187.50 per month.

Composite veneers provide coverage for the entire tooth and give the appearance of a wider, whiter, and more symmetrical smile. However, composite veneers do not last forever. Patients can live with the results of their smile makeover for a few years before upgrading to longer-lasting porcelain veneers or having the composite resin material re-applied. But which type of veneer is better, and how do they differ? 

Porcelain veneers (Permanent)

  • Can last a minimum of 10 years (some porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years with the right care and maintenance).
  • Requires the slight removal of tooth enamel (up to 0.5mm).
  • Multiple tooth shade options.
  • Stain-resistasnt with possible discolouration over time.
  • Less likely to break – but not easily repaired, if at all.
  • Takes three appointments to be applied (inc. consultation).

Composite veneers (Non Permanent)

  • Has an average lifespan of around five years – with some lasting up to seven years.
  • Referred to as no-prep veneers and require no tissue removal.
  • Four shades of white to choose from.
  • Are resistant to staining but not as well as porcelain veneers.
  • Susceptible to some chips – but easily repaired.
  • Takes just one visit to the dental clinic to apply.

Same-day veneers

Composite veneers are hailed as the non-prep alternative to traditional veneer makeovers.

Over the years, composite veneers have become popular as they allow patients to makeover their smile, but not permanently, and not in a way that will limit any other cosmetic procedures in the future.

For example, once you take the jump and opt for porcelain veneers, you choose them for life.

To discover which type of veneer might be right for you, book a free consultation with our trained and experienced treatment coordinator. The coordinator can assess your current oral state and show you what kind of cosmetic dentistry is possible.

Our treatment co-ordinator Cintia explains the importance of consultation before booking an appointment.

The composite veneer procedure

Importantly, composite veneers are faster, easier to apply and pain-free. For example, patients who have just finished orthodontic treatment would be ideal patients.

To get your teeth ready for the resin material, our cosmetic dentist, likely Dr Harrison, will clean your teeth and then apply a gel that works to roughen the surface of the tooth for a stronger, better bond.

The composite resin material is then painted on like liquid, or applied in a putty-like state and is shaped and sculpted directly onto the tooth.

To finish your new smile, Dr Harrison, using a special curing light will harden the composite, securing it into place. We will then finish by cleaning your teeth and giving them a polish.