Your smile is a big part of who you are.

A great smile not only makes a good impression on everyone you meet, but can also boost your confidence and allow you to properly relax and enjoy social situations, without having to worry about the look of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry at a Glance

  • Ability to have the teeth colour shade you have always wanted
  • Restore fractured, damaged or tired looking teeth
  • Improve your smile

Nothing beats a great smile. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to provide our patients with the smile they deserve. A person may be seeking to improve small disharmonies or need a do-over of previous treatments; no treatment plan is the same.

A great deal of time and effort goes into planning and designing the ideal smile for each specific patient.

A pleasant smile can make an outstanding impression on who you meet and boost your confidence, but should also allow you to enjoy life without limitations and worries about the way your teeth look.

Maida Smiles Clinic offers a state-of-the-art range of smile-enhancing treatments to help you achieve the look you wish for, from minimally invasive techniques such, as teeth whitening and composite bonding, to orthodontics and full smile makeovers using the latest technology.

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Starting Prices

Invisalign / Inman From £1500

Six Month Smile (consultation)£45

VeneersFrom £700
Dental ImplantsFrom £950
Facial AestheticsFrom £150

      Dr João Silva

More about Cosmetic Dentistry

What can be done to improve my smile?

We evaluate three essential factors: shape, shade and position.

When teeth are unrestored and have a good shape, re-aligning the teeth can be a simple and very effective way to achieve harmony and aesthetics. Treatments like the Invisalign system are very much in demand these days. These allow improving the teeth position and simultaneously whitening them. It is the ultimate natural look. Minor corrections of shape can be made with composite bonding.

If the natural dentition is either very worn or with a marked unpleasant shape, ceramic veneers are a great option. Veneers consist essentially on a thin layer of ceramic that is fitted on top of an existing tooth, improving its shape and need be, modifying its colour. In some cases, a very small (0.2mm) enamel removal may be required to create enough space. Once fitted, ceramic veneers are very resistant and long lasting.

If the tooth structure is very compromised or weakened, if the patient has had restorations done, a crown may then be the best option. Think of it has a helmet. By covering the entire tooth, it reinforces the underlying structure, restoring the function and aesthetics.

Will my veneers look artificial? 

Because each veneer is custom made, a thorough discussion will take place between the treating dentist and the patient having the work done. The aimed shape and tooth-colour is taken into consideration before hand. We believe that the planning stage is key to achieve optimal results. We usually resort to a “trial smile”, similar to a test-drive of the final shape and tooth-colour, so if any changes are needed they are discussed and tested before delivering the final result. Like Haute-couture, or high fashion, it is a tailor-made experience.  This systematic tailored approach is “our secret” that allows us to achieve great results and patient satisfaction.

Are these dental cosmetic procedures painful?

In all dental procedures that may otherwise cause sensitivity or pain, we resort to local anaesthesia or conscious sedation. To our team, it is of paramount importance that taking care of your health and aesthetics shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience.

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