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Dentures & Bridges at a Glance

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Implant Support bridge

  • An implant- supported bridge is used when more than one tooth is missing, leaving someone’s mouth with a wider tooth gap. It is also used when there is concern that you might put too much pressure on individual implants that are not connected to each other. A lot of pressure on individuals’ implants.

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  • Denture, a technique still essential to recover aesthetics, chewing and self-esteem.
  • The daily difficulties of most denture wearers go unnoticed by those who do not need to use this type of prosthetic device. Pains, difficulties in chewing and insecurity to speak are just some of the problems that these individuals need to face. And to solve these conditions, the exchange of dentures for more modern versions can be fundamental to recover the quality of life.

Fixed or flexible dentures: which is the best type?

  • Basically, there are two types of dentures: flexible or fixed.
  • The main feature of the mobile technique is that it can be removed by the patient at any time.
  • The main types are the conventional full denture, the silicone denture and the ovedenture type prosthesis – the latter, attached through inserts present in remaining dental roots or dental implants.
  • The fixed technique has only one version: the fixed denture. Also known as dental prosthesis protocol or simply protocol, it is fixed rigidly on dental implants and can only be removed by the dentist at the dental office.

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