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What is Vivera Retainer?

Vivera restraint is created by Invisalign, a brand recognized worldwide as the most innovative in making aligners and orthodontic restraints from 3D models and using artificial intelligence.

Vivera is designed in a personalized way for each patient, based on cutting-edge technology created by Invisalign and, therefore, it is much more comfortable and efficient than a traditional containment.

The Vivera is removable, that is, you can take it off to perform oral hygiene and it also allows you to eat without the hassle of metal wires. Vivera is also made with a transparent material, which is extremely discreet and resistant to breaks or imperfections.

Here are the benefits of Vivera Retainer:

  • Transparent and practically invisible;
  • Made exclusively for you;
  • Made with the same cutting edge technology used to make Invisalign® aligners;
  • Less likely to crack or break compared to other transparent restraints;
  • 2x more durable and 30% more resistant than other retainers
    Many of our patients have chosen Vivera as a containment option because it is based on a technology that prioritizes the comfort and durability of their treatment.

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