Are the darkening days putting a damper on your mood?
Instantly brighten your smile and your mood with one of our special Clean, Healthy & Bright dental appointments – an all-in-one visit combining your regular check-up and hygienist visit with a Philips Zoom! in-chair tooth whitening session, all for just £350!*
(T&Cs apply, please find below)

Are you happy with the colour of your teeth?

Would you like your teeth to look whiter and yet still maintain its natural colour?

Teeth whitening is a conservative and effective treatment to lighten discoloured teeth without
removing the tooth surface.

Under the supervision of a dentist it is a safe procedure.

Tooth Whitening at a Glance

Whether it’s a special occasion, a smile upgrade, a gift to yourself, a job interview, a motivation to change your lifestyle, whatever your motives are for having your teeth whiter here at Maida Smiles we offer professional teeth whitening with safe and approved teeth whitening systems. All treatments are done by our team of expert and qualified dentists.

The benefits of whiter teeth go beyond the simple look and boost to your confidence. It can encourage you in making lifestyle changes and maintain healthier teeth.

Professional whitening involves an initial assessment of your dental health and gums to ensure that your teeth are dentally fit and suitable for whitening.

We offer 3 types of teeth whitening to suit your preferences and objectives:

  • Home whitening – this method can be done at the convenience and comfort of your home, fitted to your schedule and it is done under the supervision of your dedicated dentist
  • In-Chair Philips Zoom!®, if you are looking for an instant result – this process takes around 2 hours, enough to be fitted in a lunch break
  • Combined systems – Home Whitening & In-Chair procedure

We also offer the revolutionary Enlighten® whitening system which is a combination treatment, meaning that there is a 2-week supervised home treatment followed by a 1-hour visit with your

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All you want to know about teeth whitening - FAQs

Discolouration can be the result of a combination of things: smoking, consumption of certain
foods and drinks with strong pigments such as tea, coffee, red wine and soft drinks, effects of
ageing, genetics, poor oral hygiene, accidents or trauma, the use of certain medication.

Below are some of the benefits we have reported on teeth whitening:
  • Whitens, brightens and lightens teeth
  • People smile more
  • Gain in confidence, boost of self esteem
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Improved oral health and oral hygiene
  • Motivator for lifestyle changes
  • Statists says that you will be more likely to get that job offer on an interview if you have a brighter and healthier smile.

Below are the treatments we offer at Maida Smiles with some brief information on each one:

Home whitening

Customised tray for convenient at home application & lasting results

  • Convenient at home application
  • Involves several applications
  • Customised tray – clear and soft plastic
  • Takes a few days to see noticeable results
  • Long lasting results

What to expect

Session 1:

Impression of your teeth will be made with an elastic material for the making of your personal trays. It usually takes 2 weeks to get your trays back. We will record the shade of your teeth and take some photographs for your clinical files.

Session 2:

Your whitening gel and personal trays will be supplied with full instructions on how to utilise the product safely and correctly.

After the treatment:

We see you for a review of the results – to check the shade of your teeth post treatment and we record these in your file.

In-Chair Philips Zoom!®

  • Express whitening
  • Instant results
  • Done in the dental chair
  • Using a specialised ‘laser’ light
  • Takes 1.5-2 hours

What to expect:

The initial shade of your teeth are recorded. You will be wearing a mouth retractor for the duration of the procedure. Your gums and oral tissues will be protected, an activator solution is applied prior to the application of the whitening gel and a specialised light is used to speed the process. At the end we record the final shade of your teeth and you receive full follow-up instructions.

There is also the option of have a combined In-Chair Philips Zoom!® followed by Philips Zoom!® home whitening

Enlighten® whitening

Combined home + chair whitening

  • 2-week supervised home treatment + a 1-hour visit with your dentist
  • Consistent results
  • Teeth look visibly different

What to expect

Session 1:

Impression of your teeth will be made with an elastic material for the making of your personal trays. We will record the shade of your teeth and take some photographs for your clinical files. Whilst your personal trays are being made by Enlighten®, you receive specific products to be used in preparation for the teeth whitening. This usually takes 2 weeks.

Session 2:

Your whitening gel and personal trays will be supplied with full instructions on how to utilise the product safely and correctly. You will then do the home whitening for about 2 weeks.

Session 3:

In-Chair Whitening – you will bring your personal trays and your dentist will complete the treatment with a session of in-chair whitening. After the treatment we will record the final shade of your teeth and you will be supplied with specific products for maintenance of your results.

While we cannot guarantee the exact shade your teeth will lighten to, we can guarantee that the results will be noticeable.

The Enlighten® system guarantees a Vita B1 shade to all patients. A B1 shade is generally considered the lightest naturally occurring shade.

No, natural teeth rarely looks too white. The super white smiles rarely are achieved by teeth whitening only. Our team of expert dentists will discuss with you a shade that is harmonious to your skin tone and overall complexion.

A good method to guess how white our teeth should be is to have a shade similar to that of the whites of our eyes.

No, the whitening only affects natural tooth tissues. This means the crowns and fillings will remain the same colour. So, if you’ve had dental work on your front teeth, we will discuss and plan what can be done particularly for you as potentially some of the front teeth restorations might require replacing.

This varies from person to person and also varies accordingly to the type of teeth whitening procedure you choose. Overall home whitening takes around a month, including the time to get your personalised trays made. In-Chair Philips Zoom!® takes around 1.5-2 hours. The combination home + chair whitening systems usually include a 2 weeks of home whitening plus an hour or two at the dentist chair.

Some patients report increased sensitivity during treatment however this should pass after a short time.

We have selected treatments that will hopefully reduce any uncomfortable sensations plus we can recommend additional products and techniques to minimise any discomfort you may experience.

Baseline is all teeth whitening requires maintenance.

You will need to maintain your new smile with top-up treatments every few months which can be carried out at home or having an in-chair session. As always, we recommend maintaining a dedicated oral home care routine to keep your teeth and gums as clean and healthy as possible.

Dr Priscila Souza
Clean, Healthy & Bright Terms and Conditions 

The offer is subject to availability and cannot be substituted for cash or any other offer. It is limited to one appointment per person and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Pre-booking is required and a deposit payment due at the time of booking. The appointment and deposit will be forfeited in case of lateness of over 15 minutes or late cancellation (within 48 hours of the appointment time).

Patient must be 18 or older. Not suitable for people who suffer from gum disease or epilepsy, or are pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic to hydrogen peroxide. Should the patient be found unsuitable for teeth whitening during the appointment, the regular charges for dental examination and 30 min hygienist visit will apply.

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