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Tooth discolouration can happen for many different reasons.

Common causes include:

  • The consumption of food and drinks with strong pigments such as coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks, smoking, the use of certain medication, ageing, accidents or trauma, oral disease or bad dental hygiene and tooth decay.
  • Some of these issues may also require other types of dental treatment to resolve the cause of the discolouration.

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  • Teeth whitening can restore or significantly enhance the brightness of your smile, often bringing a boost in confidence with it.
  • For maximum flexibility and convenience, we offer several smile-brightening treatment options; both in-practise and home kits.
  • These include Philips Zoom!® and Enlighten®, all engineered for optimum whitening results with minimum sensitivity.

Home whitening

  • Session 1: we will make records of your teeth for the making of your personal whitening trays.
  • Session 2: Your whitening gel and personal trays will be supplied with full instructions on how to utilise the product safely and correctly.

In-chair/Practice Whitening

  • One session only: the whitening gel is applied on your teeth, and a specialised light is used to speed the process. 


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Frequent Questions

Where can I get teeth whitening?

Many patients ask us whether there are differences between take-home teeth whitening kits and the Zoom in-chair laser treatment. The differences are quite significant, but there are no hard and fast rules for choosing either.

Which procedure you decide to choose all comes down to personal preference, how much you are willing to spend on teeth whitening as well as your sensitivity tolerance.

The Zoom professional whitening option is slightly more costly compared to home-use solutions, but provides a more secure method of whitening, as it is performed by a dental professional.

Results can be more precise and are seen immediately after a single appointment. For those with more sensitive teeth, who do not mind a longer process, a professional take home whitening kit is the way to go! This option is also slightly less expensive. However, keep in mind that it will require discipline and consistency.

You should ideally use the system for 15-minutes every day before going to bed. An added bonus of the take home kit is that you are able to maintain your results for as long as you desire. Refill bleach tubes can be purchased through the practice.

Is teeth whitening painful?

No, professional teeth whitening will not cause pain. However, tooth sensitivity during treatment is completely normal and occurs due to dehydration of your teeth. Nevertheless, 50% of patients experience little to no sensitivity and are able to sit through the entire procedure.

The other 50% of patients are unable to complete the full four rounds due to sensitivity. If you are a person with more sensitive teeth, there are a few things you can do at home to tackle this before your treatment. For example, using sensitive toothpaste for at least 1 month prior to the procedure is a great start.

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