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What is All on 6? The perfect anchor for a bridge or overdenture

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All on Six implants is a scientifically proven procedure that our dentists at Maida Smile use to reconstruct a person’s mouth, whether one or both jaws have lost many teeth.

The power of All-on-Six allows the patient to replace the entirety of their teeth using only six implants without the need for bone grafting, which makes this the perfect procedure for patients with a low jawbone density.

Our implant dentists like Dr Gutierres often recommend treating cases of edentulous (complete missing teeth).

However, this does not mean that all patients will be suitable – your lifestyle, habits and oral condition are all factors in preventing implant failure.

We highly recommend the all-on implant treatment for patients with an entire arch of missing teeth.

Upgrading: how does All-on-Six differ from All-on-Four?

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The All-on-Six method is a variation of the hailed All-on-4 technique based on the same concept.

However, instead of just using four implants, this system uses six implants in areas of the mouth with the most robust bone volume to provide extra strength and stability.

Quick benefits

  • All-on-Six maximises bone potential and avoids bone grafts altogether
  • The All-on-6 hybrid dentures can last 20 years or more
  • No denture movement (fits are more comfortable and tighter)
  • Downward pressure when biting down is dispersed more evenly
  • It prevents any further bone loss or deterioration and improves oral health
  • Fast recovery time and immediate implant placement
  • Easy home maintenance, cleaning and aftercare (they’re just like real teeth)
  • All-on-6 does not unnecessarily draw out implant recovery – after all, you’ve been promised new teeth in a day, and you can take our word for it!
  • Reverses facial drooping and signs of ageing

Five major factors to consider

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The considerations our implant dentist looks at when recommending full mouth implants:

  • Speech problems: If poor speech is a significant concern with your current false teeth, we may need to look into replacing missing teeth with short-span bridges or individual implants. This might require further implants, bone grafting and more expensive prosthetics, so patients should be aware of the chance of additional treatment times and cost.
  • The thickness of the bridge: Patients might have a hard time adjusting to the size of their dental bridge as it creates a contrast between the feeling of natural soft tissue and artificial soft tissue. Because of this, our dental professionals must take the time to educate you on the specific changes you might experience.
  • Excessive biting forces: A big problem for some patients, who might have difficulty recognising the premature force or excessive occlusal contacts – this means that due to several missing teeth, you generate an excessive biting force due to the lack of sensation, which might damage your new implants.
  • Parafunctional: Our dentists will need to examine the oral condition to highlight problems like bruxism, grinding, irregular chewing cycles and tooth clenching.

Why is All-on-Six different from standard implants?

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You’ll likely know that dental implants are the best restoration for replacing missing teeth.

However, some patients are not candidates for dental implants due to a lack of jawbone volume or poor oral health with conditions like gum disease.

Avoid areas of bone loss

The All-on-Six technique is the perfect option for patients suffering from bone loss in the jaw and posterior tooth areas.

In addition, it allows our dentists to deliver permanent and full arch rehabilitation without bone grafting.

Traditional dental implants need viable bone to fuse around the implant to keep it stable and secure.

Without sufficient bone, as dental implants act just like tooth roots, they will become wobbly and shift when there is too little bone available to keep them in place.

Furthermore, missing teeth can cause gum disease and infection, so additional bone deterioration occurs.

With All-on-Six, we can avoid these problems by placing the implants in solid areas of the mouth. In addition, implants are angulated to offer more flexibility in finding a healthy amount of bone.

This helps to decrease your healing time, provides you with artificial teeth faster, and reduces your overall costs.

Full mouth implant costs

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As a rough indication of the cost, All-on-6 can cost £11,000 for one jaw and £15,000 for both jaws.

As All-on-6 avoids the need for bone grafting, sinus lifts or the need for multiple individual implants, the patient won’t be paying all the additional costs on top.

For example, a complete bridge replacement price will be much the same as individual implants and pre-implant procedures, providing you with a better value for your money.

The tried-and-tested advanced all-on method allows patients to walk away with a fully fixed dental prosthesis on the same day as surgery.

It means you don’t have to wait any longer than you need to improve your smile for good.

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