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  • Need to check your viability for implants?
  • Need to check for potential issues like bone loss or decay?
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The cost of our scans

Our practice in Maida Vale, London, is home to one of the best implant dentists in the city, Dr Pedro Gutierres.

Dr Gutierres opened the practice in 2019 and has invested heavily in its equipment, technology and reputable medical team, including the CBCT (cone beam scanner), which is essential for assessing implant viability.

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Why you might need a CT Scan

Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a state-of-the-art machine which makes treatment planning more effective and painless. The machine rotates around the patient’s head to produce accurate, high-res 3D images that evaluate the jaw, teeth, tissue and bones in extreme detail. 

  • CBCT scanners are a crucial instrument for treatment planning and surgery.
  • They are used for the early diagnosis of gum infections and oral cancer.
  • Beneficial for oral surgeons planning any oral surgery that might involve implants, orthodontics and periodontics.
  • Used in root canal and complex endodontic cases.
  • Patients can expect no pain and for it to be over in minutes
  • It’s minimally invasive and emits little radiation
  • Allows patients to have more control over their treatment
  • Increases the efficacy of the treatment
  • Mitigates potential risks and mistakes, leaving little room for error
  • Helps to plan for more effective and accurate surgeries

Unavoidable for implants

CBCT scans will allow our dentists to assess your mouth’s condition from every direction possible. 

When placing dental implants successfully, an in-depth scanner is critical to measure the jawbone’s thickness, density and depth. 

As dental implants are placed directly into your jaw, there must be enough bone to support and withstand your implant. If the scan shows a depletion of the bone in your jaw, it creates a roadmap of the potential pre-prosthetic procedures you’ll need to make dental implants a reality.

For example, the lack of bone in the jaw can be resolved with dental bone graft and sinus augmentation procedures, which will help build support and stability in this area. 

Everything under one roof

Our cosmetic and implant centre is dedicated to treating missing teeth patients daily. Our practice in Central London exists primarily to offer patients with complex missing teeth cases the chance to replace their missing teeth without the need for prosthetics like dentures. 

It’s not hugely common for practices in the local area to have advanced 3D scanners in-house. However, here at Maida Smiles, our practice is fully kitted out with everything we need to make replacing missing teeth possible. 

If you’re a registered patient with Maida Smiles, you’ll quickly understand that you’ll never need to be referred elsewhere for treatment, scans or second opinions. That’s why we’re one of the most reviewed dentists in the West London area.

Choose Dr Gutierres

Dr Gutierres, the founder and principal dentist at Maida Smiles, is also our full-time dental implant dentist. Placing thousands of implants in his 17-year-long career, Dr Gutierres is multi-disciplined and qualified in advanced procedures like bone regeneration, sinus augmentation and full mouth rehabilitation. 

“Wanted to find a local implant specialist rather than a ‘dentist who also happens to do implants’ as I wanted the best outcome for what is a costly and long surgical procedure. I discovered Dr Gutierres after much web research and was impressed by his expertise and professional manner at the first consultation…” Read review.

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“Dr Pedro and his team provided a seamless experience for my implant treatment. Each step of the process was easy to navigate, from the extractions to getting temporary dentures…” Read review.

Roni Omikorede 12/21/2022