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Multiple implant options

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Our dentists can employ multiple methods and techniques to target multiple tooth loss. For example, each missing tooth does not always necessarily require individual implants to replace it.

We understand that cost is often an essential factor. And thanks to advancements in technology, we can use one implant to group several teeth, which is a more cost-effective and stable approach.

Even placing a minimum number of implants can restore natural chewing functions and eradicate any soreness or self-consciousness with removable dentures.

Implant-supported bridgework

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Cost: From £1,900

The advancement in dental implant technology means we can alleviate the need to damage any healthy, existing teeth by anchoring bridges to implants bonded with your jaw.

By approaching your missing teeth restoration this way, we can avoid further deteriorating bone in the jaw and protect your otherwise healthy teeth from the effects of traditional dental bridges.

Implant-secured dentures

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Cost: From £2,000

Types of implant dentures:

  • Implant-Retained Dentures (Removable): When there are no teeth in the jaw, but there is enough bone present to support implants.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures (Fixed) – This is where the denture is permanently screwed underneath the teeth. To be a candidate for this procedure, you will need to have sufficient bone density.

Dentures have long seemed the only option for missing teeth. However, due to continual reduction in bone loss, dentures become looser over time, causing more slippages and further discomfort.

As we all know, the instability of dentures can lead to sore spots and embarrassing episodes when the dentures move when eating or speaking – this inevitably leads patients to transition from dentures to implants.

Using the jawbone to obtain stability, dental implants can secure dentures from ever moving again. With implant-secured dentures, you can avoid the added costs of porcelain crowns and opt for modern dentures instead.

Implant-supported dentures can improve the way you eat, speak and bite.

Essential treatment planning

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While it might sound easy to place a few implants and a few crowns, as implant experts, we know that proper attentive planning is essential in the initial stages of restoring multiple teeth.

Choosing an experienced dentist will be essential to ensure essential aspects like harmonious bites and safe structural integrity, which will determine the longevity of the results.

We will happily work with a referring dentist on your case – as London’s finest implant practitioners; we take on some more of the complex work that your local dentist might not be able to offer.

Once we are happy to discharge you from our care, we will follow up with your local dentist to ensure the best aftercare moving forward.

Benefits of choosing multiple implants over anything else

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When it comes to multiple tooth loss, the superiority of dental implants means that they are an option you should consider over all others.

  • It’s a faster, straightforward process that can reduce healing time
  • Dental implants provide solid support and stability for the replacement tooth
  • Strengthens your oral foundation by preserving the bone quality in your jaw
  • It prevents decay and tooth wear and tears
  • Alleviates the need to shave or file down any neighbouring healthy teeth

Patients who often ignore missing teeth face several consequences, which usually amount to more costly procedures being required in the future when reconsidering dental implants.

Consequences include impacts on self-esteem, further tooth loss, decreased bone mass (bone reabsorption), facial sagging, gum disease, wobbly unstable teeth and tooth movement.

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The multiple implant process

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Our leading implant dentist Dr Gutierres will position the implants into your jawbone under a local anaesthetic in our dental practice in Maida Vale, London.

From here, we will need to wait for the implant to fuse to your jawbone, which could take a few months. However, do not worry; we will fit temporary teeth simultaneously as the implant placement is a short-term restoration.

Once the jaw has fully healed, we will place an abutment that will fix onto the implant and, at the same time, hold your replacement teeth (crown, bridge or denture).

Finding the suitable method for you

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With dental implants, you have multiple options to restore your smile. But finding the right one for you can be difficult, especially when you do not know much about implant dentistry.

As specially trained implant dentists, we can be your guide. Some patients prefer fixed, permanent solutions to feel the normality of a full mouth of teeth again. At the same time, some patients opt for non-permanent solutions like regular bridgework or dentures to replace their missing teeth.

However, there is also a third option, where patients like to combine the permanent advantage of dental implants with non-fixed, removable replacement teeth in the form of dentures.

Often the final decision can come down to cost and the state of your oral condition; we can work with you to assess your oral situation and prescribe the most suitable treatments within your budget.

We can create a more stable, comfortable, and permanent smile that will serve you for a lifetime with dental implants.

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