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Full Mouth Implants

Same-day teeth

When it comes to replacing a full mouth of missing teeth, dentures are luckily not your only option. Instead of relying on suction to keep your fake teeth in place, we can secure prosthetics like bridges and dentures with implants to ensure your smile is fixed and never slips out of place.

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Explore full arch implant treatments

At our clinic in London, we offer a range of full mouth dental implant options to suit every edentulous case and bone condition, all of which range in affordability.

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Implant-Retained Dentures

  • Cost: From £4,900
  • Requires bone
  • Not immediately loaded
  • Uses up to 3 implants
  • Removable (snap-in)

All on 4 Dental Implants

  • Cost: From £16,000
  • Does not require bone
  • Teeth in a Day
  • Uses four implants
  • Fixed and non-removable
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All on 6 Dental Implants

  • Cost: £20,000-25,000
  • Does not require bone
  • Immediately loaded
  • Uses six implants
  • Fixed and non-removable
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Zygomatic Dental Implants

  • Cost: Upwards of £22,000
  • Does not require bone
  • Immediately loaded
  • Uses 6 implants / 2 in cheek
  • Fixed and non-removable
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Better than regular dentures

  • No need to compromise with ill-fitting or loose dentures
  • The perfect solution for patients about to lose all their teeth or already have
  • Immediate same-day teeth options

Full mouth implants are often same-day replacement teeth, which use world-leading premium dental implant brands and systems that are innovative and long-lasting. Most of the implant systems last up to 30 years and have a near 100% success rate after follow-ups 10 years later.

At Maida Smiles clinic in London, our implant dentists provide revolutionary approaches with same-day teeth and are particularly skilled in complex cases and full mouth rehabilitation. With 20 years of experience performing full arch reconstructions, we’ve given thousands of patients back their functional and aesthetic smiles. 

No additional costs

With certain full mouth implants like All-on-4 patients experience no additional costs as their treatment never likely requires pre-prosthetic procedures like bone augmentations or sinus lifts. 

  • The total number of implants and abutments
  • Total of 14 teeth per arch
  • Your surgery and anaesthetic
  • Your dental appointments
  • Custom-designed bridge or denture
  • IV Sedation (charged by the hour)
  • Initial consultation and assessment with an implant dentist
  • Full mouth dental implants are not covered by the NHS
  • The NHS only offer dentures to replace total tooth loss
  • Some dental insurance plans may only cover a portion of the cost
  • Going abroad for treatment is risky – they use different systems and brands
  • The cost can be spread with 0% financing 
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