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Enjoy a consultation with
our Treatment Coordinator

And it is completely free.

Your complimentary consultation (worth £250) is with Ms Cintia Sartini. 

Cintia is an experienced dental nurse who can explain your chosen dental treatment and take a 3D scan of your teeth.

A consultation with Cintia saves patients time.

We offer free consultations of approximately 1 hour on all general and cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants.

“I listen to your dental problems and concerns. Together we come up with a workable affordable plan.” Cintia

We also scan your teeth to show you precisely what the end results would look like. This means you can be confident that your teeth will look exactly how you want them. Book now.

The next part of the consultation is to ensure that you see the right dentist. Many of our dentists have a special interest in different dental treatments.

  • You are provided with a treatment plan and options.
  • Cintia explains the dentist she recommends and why.
  • She outlines the treatment process and time scale.
  • She provides an estimate on your treatment and explains any finance options you may want to take advantage of.
  • Cintia then shares Maida’s smile gallery with you and presents our previous before and after work.

Is a free consultation right for me?

  • If you are at the beginning of your patient journey and need advice on what is available and appropriate.
  • Or if you know exactly what you want or need and are shopping for a better price.
  • If you’re at the stage of looking for clinical evaluation and objective, unbiased dental advice. In that case, paying £95 for a consultation with a dentist and relying on professional integrity is the better option.

Am I under any obligation to buy?

  • Not at all. Cinita’s role is to show you the options and prices and to ensure that you are a good fit for our dentists and that we are the right practice to undertake your dental work. If we cannot help, we will let you know.

Why consultations are essential

Treatment coordinator Cynthia explains the purpose of a free dental consultation.

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