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Michael McGrade
Michael McGrade
6. July, 2022.

Great experience with this dentists. Emailed asking for copies of some old receipts at the weekend and Melika was extremely helpful/came back with them almost immediately 🙂

Cenk Turkinan
Cenk Turkinan
19. June, 2022.

Short waiting times, friendly staff, clean premises, flexible

11. June, 2022.

It’s a rare case when you think about going to the dentist as something enjoyable. But this is Maida Smiles in nutshell.

I had 2 wisdom teeth removal during one appointment and literally didn’t feel any pain or anything unpleasant at all. It’s was such a great experience end-to-end.
Strongly recommend!

Alessandro Ananias
Alessandro Ananias
29. May, 2022.

Excellent dentist - very caring staff and superb service

Julia Gościmska
Julia Gościmska
25. May, 2022.

Very professional, punctual and nice visit. I will come back again. Higly recommended, Marek Pastuch is the best!!!

Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
20. May, 2022.

I recently underwent a 2-hour procedure with Dr. Priscila Souza to repair 2 teeth.
The anaesthetic was applied so gently, that I barely noticed it. As for the procedure, Dr. Priscila was so skilled and gentle that I actually fell asleep.
I can not recommend Dr. Priscila highly enough. Without a question of a doubt, the best dentist I’ve had in London.

  • More than 200+ impressive Google Reviews. Our Maida Vale Clinic is rated 4.9 stars!
  • Our dentists are the go-to specialists for dental referrals near St John’s Wood for complex cases.
  • Our London clinic is a thirteen-minute walk from St John’s Wood’s tube station.
  • We’re the dentist for dentists – so if other clinicians trust us with their teeth, then you know you’re in suitable hands.

What happens at a hygienist appointment?

image of dentist prepping patient

Our dental hygienists at Maida Smiles clinic typically offer a professional tooth cleaning service through tooth scaling and polishing treatments.

During your appointment, we will first conduct an initial dental hygiene examination to determine the state of your oral health.

And while you know your mouth better than anyone else, it’s our dental professionals that should be in charge of removing any plaque or tartar safely.

If you have any tartar build-up, this can only be removed successfully by one of the hygienists or dental professionals through a manual scaling process.

Following a quick examination, we will then begin to:

  • Scale your teeth, which aims to remove plaque and tartar buildup, especially in the areas that brushing cannot reach.
  • Perform an overall clean and polish to eradicate any lingering superficial stains.
  • Provide key takeaways and advice to help you manage your dental health properly at home.

Our dentists can also inform you about the best ways to keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay.

We can help you spot the signs of early gum disease so that we can quickly work to reverse the effects before they develop into more significant, more severe problems.

Patient google review

“I have received a world-class service from Dr Pedro. I am very happy with the whole process and would recommend it to anyone.”
Elman Rustamov, 04/23/2020

Here's how often you need to visit

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No one has perfect oral health – not even us dentists. It takes daily hygiene routines and regular appointments with a hygienist to work on preventative care and dental appointments to repair any damage.

We recommend that you visit a hygienist at least once every six months. However, the frequency of your visits is often determined by your clinical needs, as well as your personal desire to have your teeth well taken care of.

One of our dentists might also recommend a hygiene appointment that involves thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums before complex treatments like dental implants can begin.

AIR-FLOW therapy

photo of reception

AIRFLOW therapy is a stain removal treatment that gives your gums a deep clean. Using a wand to polish and clean your teeth disperses water, compressed air and fine powder particles to reach the nooks and crannies that traditional scaling treatment simply cannot.

AIRFLOW is known to be fast-working and suitable for removing surface stains. However, the effects will depend on your lifestyle. You can expect the stains to reappear much faster if you enjoy coffee and red wine.

AIRFLOW is different from teeth whitening because it is a non-chemical treatment that instantly removes surface stains without affecting the base colour of the teeth. Therefore, with AIRFLOW, your teeth will appear cleaner and brighter, as it will return the teeth to their natural whiteness.

The benefits of visiting a hygienist

image of dentist working

All the advantages of visiting a hygienist:

  • Patient education or correct oral care features
  • Teeth are deep cleaned, scaled and polished
  • Topical fluoride coats and seals the surface of the tooth
  • Helpful in preventing periodontal disease
  • Applies antimicrobial and prophylactic treatments

Finding your way to our practice near St John's Wood

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As our practice is so close to St John’s Wood, Shepherd’s Bush, Kensington, Chalk Farm & Islington, we’re often the first choice for patients needing fast, seamless fixes to everyday oral problems.

★★★★★ – 4.9 Star Rated Clinic

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