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Protect & save weak teeth for a lifetime

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  • To fix broken and cracked teeth
  • To hold teeth together and prevent them from breaking
  • Restore teeth with old fillings that need replacing
  • When old fillings are too large / cannot replace with another
  • When there is not enough existing tooth structure remaining
  • As a final restoration to a cosmetic or restorative procedure like dental implants
  • After a root canal, which will leave the tooth too brittle

When dental crowns won't be avoidable

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If you experience tooth pain when you bite down, it’s more than likely that your tooth is cracked. If this is correct, the condition is severe and will need to be rectified with a crown immediately as, unlike broken bones, fractures in teeth do not heal.

When a crack is a vertical line travelling to the gum line, your tooth likely needs a full-coverage crown.

If the crack reaches below the gum line, you may require a root canal with a dental crown or tooth extraction as a last resort.

Where our expertise comes in is differentiating between a cracked tooth and a crazed one. Craze lines are standard but not harmful, with most adult teeth having some.

These craze lines are stress lines, which do not always indicate the need for a crown as they do not always affect the tooth’s structural integrity.

When to be wary of these craze lines is when they exhibit deep stains or are very long, suggesting a developing crack.

To be confident in our diagnosis, we invite patients to look at our findings with inter-oral photographs or hand-held mirrors.

Implications of waiting for a crown

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In life, there are some things you can delay and some things you can’t. If you’ve been advised to get a dental crown by Maida Smiles, then you should not wait any longer.

Not following our professional guidance can often lead to more expensive and extensive treatments further down the line.

Problems often caused by delays include:

  • Teeth can continue to chip away until nothing remains
  • The tooth can split, requiring an extraction or crown lengthening
  • Possible root canals might be necessary due to bacteria reaching the pulp

Dentists with more training and more experience

Michael McGrade
Michael McGrade
6. July, 2022.

Great experience with this dentists. Emailed asking for copies of some old receipts at the weekend and Melika was extremely helpful/came back with them almost immediately 🙂

Cenk Turkinan
Cenk Turkinan
19. June, 2022.

Short waiting times, friendly staff, clean premises, flexible

11. June, 2022.

It’s a rare case when you think about going to the dentist as something enjoyable. But this is Maida Smiles in nutshell.

I had 2 wisdom teeth removal during one appointment and literally didn’t feel any pain or anything unpleasant at all. It’s was such a great experience end-to-end.
Strongly recommend!

Alessandro Ananias
Alessandro Ananias
29. May, 2022.

Excellent dentist - very caring staff and superb service

Julia Gościmska
Julia Gościmska
25. May, 2022.

Very professional, punctual and nice visit. I will come back again. Higly recommended, Marek Pastuch is the best!!!

Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
Thomas Shahani-Tuckwell
20. May, 2022.

I recently underwent a 2-hour procedure with Dr. Priscila Souza to repair 2 teeth.
The anaesthetic was applied so gently, that I barely noticed it. As for the procedure, Dr. Priscila was so skilled and gentle that I actually fell asleep.
I can not recommend Dr. Priscila highly enough. Without a question of a doubt, the best dentist I’ve had in London.

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Dental crown types and costs

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Dental crown types:

  • Porcelain Bonded Crown: Metal base and porcelain coating
  • E-max Crown: Made from lithium desilicated ceramic and hailed for its colour and transparency
  • Zirconia Ceramic Crown: Combining the strength of metal with tooth-like porcelain aesthetics

Finding us from St John's Wood

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As our practice is conveniently located near Central London (W9), we’re often the first choice for patients needing fast, seamless fixes to everyday oral problems like pulpitis, tooth decay or oral infections.

We serve patients in St John’s Wood, Shepherd’s Bush, Kensington, Chalk Farm, Islington etc six days a week – we chose to close later on weekday evenings to be more flexible for our busy London patients.

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